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Welcome to our 8th and final Lucifer character spotlight! And we arguably saved the best for last: this spotlight focuses on Trixie Espinoza! Narrowing down her top six moments was difficult, since Trixie is always a scene stealer. But here, we will give you what we believe to be her top three best moments, as well as her top three funniest moments.

Who is Trixie?: Trixie is the young daughter of Detective Chloe Decker and Detective Daniel Espinoza. She is a very excited, happy young lady that loves meeting new people, is not the slightest bit shy, and loves hugs. We have also learned through multiple episodes (and bribery attempts) that Trixie is a massive chocolate cake lover.

Here are three of our favorite best Trixie moments:

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Ambition: In season 1, episode 10 “Pops,” Trixie gets upset after her mother and grandmother begin arguing over how she looks. So she steals her mother’s phone and uses it to order an Uber to Lux. In her search for Lucifer, she finds Maze behind the bar and strikes up a conversation. When Maze asks her what she wants to be when she grows up, rather than focusing on what other people want her to be, she reveals her ambitious career choice: to be the first President of Mars.

I admire her seven-year-old ambition. I am not exactly sure how voting for the first president of Mars would go down, but I do know I would vote for her. Who knows… maybe she could just appoint herself president. That would work, too.

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Don’t worry about me: In season 2, episode 15, titled “Deceptive Little Parasite,” we follow Chloe and Dan as they investigate a murder, as well as Trixie and Lucifer as they explore a new possible school. While at the prospective school, the two join an in-progress class where the students are encouraged to share their feelings, good or bad. Trixie shares that she is sad “because my mommy almost died. Her job is scary. But she has helped so many other people with their problems, I don’t want her to worry about mine. So I pretend I’m okay.”

At now eight years old, Trixie is situationally aware and knows that her mother has a high stress job that requires her to solve a lot of problems for a lot of people. She does not want her mom to come home after having to help other people all day, just to have to worry about her problems as well.

Is this realistic? No, of course not. Chloe is her mom, and she is going to worry about Trixie regardless. But the fact that Trixie is aware of how stressed her mother is and is making an attempt to not add more to that is simultaneously heartbreaking and incredible.

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Sharing Wisdom: In season 3, episode 15 titled “High School Poppycock,” Maze is at odds with Amenadiel. So when he drops by the home she shares with Chloe, she has Trixie open the door and send him away. When she walks back into the living room, Trixie asks Maze why she does not want to see him. Maze reveals it is because he has lied to her, prompting Trixie to share some wisdom: “Mommy says that sometimes people are just scared to tell the truth. Maybe they need a little help.”

Once again, Trixie is proving she is wise beyond her years, and that kids do pay attention to what is going on with their parents and are always listening. Despite Maze taking a sharp left turn with this advice, it was well intentioned, and I love that it was delivered by a nine-year-old.

Now we will give you three of Trixie’s funniest moments:

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Cake bandit: In season 1, episode 6 “Favorite Son,” we see Trixie being interrogated by her mother while her father tries (and fails) to suppress his laughter in the background. Chloe asks Trixie if she had eaten the cake despite knowing the answer. Chloe knew that she had not eaten the cake, and she knew that Dan hadn’t either. So this meant Trixie was the only viable suspect; she was also the only one with chocolate all over her face.

Clearly, subtly is not one of Trixie’s strong suits. Her thieving skills are sure to improve over time, though — she is friends with the Devil and a demon, after all.

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President of Mars: This moment is very simple in its hilarity. In the Halloween episode from season 2, Maze takes Trixie trick-or-treating. Trixie’s costume this year? As Maze says, “She’s the President of Mars. Duh.”

The costume is an incredible mashup of many, seemingly unrelated things but when donned at all once, she really pulls it off. I guess now that Trixie really is the president, I do not have to worry about having to figure out the Mars voting system.

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Stowaway: In season 3, episode 3 titled “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith,” Maze is headed to Canada to track a bounty. As she prepares to leave, her bag, filled with whips and knives, suddenly begins to move. She unzips and lifts the top to reveal Trixie lying comfortably inside. This moment is made even more funny by her exclamation, “I can’t let Maze go alone. Someone needs to cover her back.”

A nine year old protecting a demon? There is a spin-off I did not know I needed. Trixie was fully prepared to ride in the luggage, cuddling her stuffed toy all the way from Los Angeles to Canada. And honestly, I am here for it.


As I said in the very first spotlight, this cast is chock-full of immense talent, and the youngest of the lot is no different. Scarlett Estevez is an incredible actress with an endless amount of potential. We love Trixie, and we love Scarlett. And we only haver a few more hours to go until we see what season four holds for each of our beloved characters!

Let us know what your favorite Trixie moments are in the comments below!

Did you enjoy this Lucifer Character Spotlight series? Which one was your favorite? You can read all eight articles in the series here! And remember to watch season four of Lucifer on Netflix on May 8!

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