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Welcome to the fourth Lucifer character spotlight! We are flying through these and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. If you missed them, you can check out our previous spotlights here.

Next in line is Amenadiel, and like in the last spotlights, we will give you a quick refresher on who he is and then give you three of his best moments, as well as three of his funniest moments.

No matter how many times we do an article like this, narrowing down the incredible acting to just six moments never gets any easier, so the ones we list are just a few of our favorites.

Who is Amenadiel?: Amenadiel is a badass angel warrior with the ability to slow time. We have, on numerous occasions, seen his beautiful blackened wings, which he had unfortunately lost for a bit of time. Amenadiel is unlike most other angels we have seen throughout various shows; he has very human characteristics. His faith has wavered, his confidence has waned, and he lost his angelic abilities with little reason as to why. He has shown time and time again that he has the ability to show compassion when it is unexpected and that he can not only learn from his mistakes, but he can also understand that his actions have consequences far greater than even he can understand.

Let’s start off with our top Amenadiel moments:

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Fighting Duo: In the season one finale “Take Me Back To Hell,” Amenadiel and Lucifer are faced with a group of gun wielding thugs while on the hunt for Malcolm. The brothers decide against using Amenadiel’s time-slowing ability and opt for a good old fashioned brotherly beat down. But of course, the fight does not end without some “accidental” mishaps from Lucifer, like Amenadiel taking a bullet to the abdomen. (It is alright though — Amenadiel throws a man at him as revenge.)

This moment was brought about after Amenadiel essentially resurrected Malcolm so he could kill Lucifer. This is one of our favorite moments because Amenadiel realized his mistake and acted to correct it. He made his initial decision out of anger towards Lucifer’s permanent residency on Earth, but when Malcolm got out of control, Amenadiel realized the major ramifications of his actions.

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Saving Chloe: If you asked me to describe one scene that best exemplifies who Amenadiel is, this is the one I would give you every time. In season two, episode 13 “A Good Day to Die,” Chloe is poisoned by a professor. After the professor is killed, the team realizes he is the only one that knows the formula for the antidote, which means that Lucifer must go to Hell and get it from him there. In order for this plan to work, though, Dr. Linda must stop his heart, Maze must act as security in case someone walks into the room, and Amenadiel must prevent Chloe from being moved from her room directly above Lucifer. Chloe’s heart stopped before Lucifer could be resurrected, which meant the hospital staff needed to get to her and move her.

And this is where Amenadiel comes in. He throws three hospital staff members away from the room and stands tall, doing everything he can to block the door.

This is a powerful scene. The music, the slow motion, and the acting all come together perfectly to evoke a strong emotion from the audience. Amenadiel was not involved in the case that got the detective poisoned, but he not only came to her aid, but he helped his brother as well in this time of need. Amenadiel knew that if Chloe were moved, Lucifer would likely become trapped in Hell and Chloe would surely die, so this angel stepped up to the plate (or door, in this case) and made sure that would not happen.

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Heavenly Bound: Season 3, episode 23 “Quintessential Deckstar” brought the end of the line for Charlotte. While sitting on a bench with Amenadiel, she glances up and sees Pierce standing in the bushes, holding a gun. Without hesitation, she pushes Amenadiel out of the way and takes the bullet. With her final few breaths, she asks Amenadiel to stay with her, which he promises to do as the tears really begin to fall (including mine). He looks towards the heavens before slowly rising to his feet and unfurling his newly regained wings. His final words before flying Charlotte to Heaven are: “Let’s go home.”

I absolutely love this scene! In the moments leading up to this particular point in the scene, Amenadiel and Charlotte are having a conversation about never making it to Heaven. Amenadiel reveals his doubts about his actions, saying he thinks that, though he has said he is doing everything for God, it may have all just been an attempt to get his wings back. The writers did an incredible job of making an angel relatable with the line, “Well, I guess angels really are just as flawed as humans. Or at least, I am.”

Amenadiel lost his wings trying to do what he thought his father wanted him to do, then regained them when he began to make decisions for himself. That is something we could all learn from: Do not live your life for someone else, live your life for you and you will gain things you never thought you could possess.

Amenadiel has had a number of comedic moments throughout the three seasons, but these are our favorites:

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Dissing Paul: Episode 7 of season 1, titled “Wingman,” brought us an unexpected brotherly team up after Lucifer’s severed wings are stolen and set to be auctioned off, along with other supposed religious relics. The first item of the auction are missing links from the Lost Chains of St. Paul. This item brought about a fairly hilarious exchange between Amenadiel and Lucifer. The cuffs on the chain are visibly small, and the brothers take notice. Amenadiel points out that, “Paul’s wrists were too thick to fit in those chains,” to which Lucifer agrees, “I know. The man never could pass on dessert, could he?” The brothers agree that Paul should have been made the Patron Saint of “honey cakes.”

This one does not need much of an explanation, so I will leave it at this: dissing biblical figures in a show that’s centered around the Devil? This is one of the reasons this show is so charming.

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Cringe worthy dinner: Season 2, episode 16 “God Johnson” gave us not only an appearance by Tim Omundson, but it also gave us a cringe-worthy yet hilarious third-wheel dinner exchange. Amenadiel, Chloe, Maze and a doctor are having an awkward pizza dinner together, when Amenadiel takes it to a whole new level. He, in the middle of the doctor speaking, leans forward, points to the remaining little bit of pizza on his plate and asks, “Are you gonna eat that?”

He later decides that question had not quite set the awkward level high enough and attempts to correct that by telling the doctor, “I like the shape of your head.”

Having dinner with an angel and a demon is sure to be unusual, but this raised the bar. Amenadiel’s off-the-wall comments will make you cringe and laugh out loud simultaneously. Both actors involved, D.B. Woodside and Alimi Ballard, performed this scene perfectly. I certainly could not have contained my laughter in a situation like that.

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Words are hard: In the flashback 11th episode of season 3. “ City of Angels?” Amenadiel discovers that words are hard. While attempting to file a police report on his stolen necklace, he gives Detective Decker (who’s Officer Decker at this point) the location of mugging: “In an alleyway south of Cahunana and Franklin…” Decker corrects him, telling him it is actually pronounced  “Cahuenga,” but that does not stop him from mispronouncing the street name a second time.

Listen, we have all been here: you think you are pronouncing something correctly, so you say it loud and proud, only to find out you were way off base. It’s true — words are hard! Although, I do not know what is worse: saying it wrong once and awkwardly having to stop yourself before saying the word again to make sure you will get it right the second time, or continuing to mispronounce it after being corrected.


D.B. Woodside is an incredible actor that can evoke emotions with a simple look. He has brought Amenadiel to life and through very subtle actions has made an angel relatable. We can not wait to see where his journey leads in this upcoming season!

Let us know what your favorite Amenadiel moments are and be on the lookout for our next Lucifer character spotlight!

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