Netflix Reveals ‘Dark’ Season 2 Trailer and Release Date

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Image courtesy of Netflix.
Image courtesy of Netflix.

Netflix recently dropped the trailer for season 2 of its German language sci-fi/horror drama Dark. Premiering on Netflix in December 2017 and billed as “a family saga with a supernatural twist,” Dark has become one of Netflix’s popular binges, with audiences and critics alike giving great reviews. The show earned 88% on Rotten Tomatoes and, according to Variety, over 90% of its audience is outside of Germany — a huge feat given that the show is subtitled.

Don’t let the subtitles keep you from taking in this timey-wimey tale that begins with a couple of kids going missing and ends in the past… or maybe the future. We’re not really sure. And the season 2 trailer isn’t giving us any clues, either.

Best described as a cross between Stranger Things and Twin Peaks with a little Broadchurch thrown in, Dark lives up to its name, both literally and figuratively. Pivotal moments take place in dark, claustrophobic spaces, such as caves and dimly lit sheds, in addition to an oppressive downpouring rain. These locations and conditions serve as excellent backgrounds as the plot slowly reveals grim family secrets and relationships.

You might need an Excel spreadsheet or an excellent memory to keep up with the family connections and changing timelines, but Dark is well worth any effort it takes to follow it.

Season 1 is available now on Netflix, and season 2 will be available on Netflix on June 21st. View the season 2 trailer here:




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