Richard Speight, Jr. Announced as New Lead in Popular TV Show

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It was just announced that Richard Speight, Jr., who plays the archangel Gabriel on popular TV show Supernatural, will not only be directing episodes in the final season, but will now star as a lead along side fellow actor, Misha ‘tweet-and-delete’ Collins. The announcement was made by Misha Collins via twitter on April 1st with a picture of the co-stars on their way home from the Supernatural convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While the show will continue to remain about the relationship between bros, the two will be taking it in a new direction by following the angel brothers- Castiel and Gabriel- instead of the hunter brothers- Sam and Dean. No other information has been released as of now, but stayed tuned to hear more about the exciting adventures of Gabe and Cas! We look forward to seeing Rich take on this new challenge, and are even more excited for season 15 of Supernatural!

Happy April Fools Day!

(Yes, Misha was joking. We think. Pretty sure. But also, who knows? It’s Misha.)

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