‘Elastic Waste Band’: A Reunion Tour Five Years in the Making

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What seemed like a bit of a stretch initially, is actually true: The Elastic Waste Band is planning a reunion tour!

According to our sources the band has hired Richard Speight Jr. as their manager and Matt Cohen as their hype man. We caught up with Speight recently and when asked how the band would be traveling for this tour, he responded: ‘In a Toyota Sienna.’ We did not get much more information from the brief interview after Speight erupted into a long, passionate monologue about the benefits and accommodations of the minivan.

Who are the Elastic Waste Band?

The Elastic Waste Band formed in the year of lounge music: 2013 (at least that is when they joined Twitter and honestly, if they were not on Twitter were they really a band?). They were voted third most popular lounge music act at some point, and the act consists of lead singer Tango, bassist Sir Richard Furlong, lead guitarist Sweet Johnny Highpockets, and drummer Hot Karl.

What can we expect from this reunion?

Well, we can expect at the very least the return of Tango, Sweet Johnny Highpockets, and Sir Richard Furlong; the return of Hot Karl is not guaranteed as he was apparently possessed by a demon back in 2014 and had a ‘no exorcism’ clause in his contract. However, Hot Karl or not, we can exclusively confirm the return of their hit song “Where Was Hot Karl.”

Where are the stops on the tour?

As of right now, the tour dates are as follows:

Whippany, NJ: September 4, 2019

Franklin, TN: September 21, 2019

Burnsville, MN: September 23, 2019

Littleton, CO: September 24, 2019

Las Vegas, NV: September 28, 2019

Why now?

Waste Band split back in 2014, but we always knew there was a good chance they would snap back into place after a little bit of TLC. We spoke to Sir Richard Furlong on the phone and the, initially English sounding man, turned…. honestly we can not even tell you what accent he transitioned into, said the band took a page from the recent Jonas Brothers reunion. The band got together and hashed out their differences, albeit in much better clothing than the JoBros could ever hope to sport, and ultimately decided a reunion tour was the only logical next step.  

Let us know what classic Elastic Waste Band song or cover you are most looking forward to hearing on this tour!

Happy April Fools Day!

(As much fun as it would be, no, they’re not going on tour.)

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