‘Roswell New Mexico’ Season 1, Episode 10 Recap: “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”


After being in the pod for over six weeks, Max reaches in and pulls out his sister Isobel, asking if she remembers anything. After a moment of silence, she says his name, showing that she does.

Isobel looks to Liz and asks if she found a cure. Hoping she did, Liz stabs the needle into her chest.

Back at Max’s place while Liz checks Isobel’s sample, Isobel picks up a paper, surprisingly saying, “He’s still the president!”

Liz leaves them to have time together. Beside her vehicle, she tells Max that she is having a hard time, because Isobel is still the girl who killed her sister. They talk about the grant that she got for a stem cell study and about the fourth alien. They seem like a normal happy couple at that moment.

Michael and Alex are sitting outside after he told Alex that he is an alien. Since Alex has known about aliens for a while, his question is more personal about his childhood.

Surprised, Michael ends up opening himself up to Alex about the bad foster family experiences he went through. He then shows Alex what he has been building — an alien ship console he wants to use to leave. Alex gets upset learning that he wants to leave the planet and abruptly leaves, sitting in his car looking at the piece he has. It’s obvious by his facial expression that he is going to hide the fact that he has it from Michael to avoid having an argument.

Kyle goes to see the sheriff, his mother, asking about the weird way his father died and why she did not question it and get a second opinion. He also brings up wondering what happened between his dad and Manes. His mom mentions that he cheated on her as well with a much younger woman. Kyle tells her that it was Rosa and that she was his daughter who he was helping get clean.

Max and Cameron go to the Wild Pony and ask Maria about a stamp on one of the girls that died. She tells them what it is from and that they should go talk to “racist” Hank about it. They splash water on him to wake Hank up to ask about Carla, the girl who died. Hank mentions a guy, and that’s all he remembers.

Isobel goes back to her house and sees Noah, who is shocked to see her as he pulls out a gun.

He panics and starts to talk fast, mentioning being married to an egg person. Isobel’s response is perfect: “I come in peace.” They sit down, and she tells him everything. He questions whether he loves her and if she loves him. Isobel reassures him that she genuinely loves him, and they kiss. Noah then cracks a joke about actually being probed by an alien.

While getting ready to go for a picnic, Isobel gets a memory flash about meeting up with Rosa and talking to her. She seems off and draws the weird alien symbol in a flash. Surprised, thinking she did not even know her, Isobel says to Noah that she believes she was friends with Rosa.

Standing outside the hospital in the snow, Noah and Isobel see the protestors. Isobel uses her powers to part them, making a path showing Noah. Isobel pleads with Liz for more antidote to get more answers and eventually appeals to Liz’s wanting to know what happened to her sister to get her way.

Just as she is administering the serum, the alarm goes off. Liz says it is just an active shooter drill, but then a gunshot goes off, and Noah is shot in the arm.

Alex goes to the Wild Pony to see Maria who is using her psychic feelings to get money from patrons. They talk a bit about boy problems, with Alex hinting it is about Michael. Maria realizes this and says she would not have slept with him if she knew. When she reaches up to where her necklace should be, she does not look like she believes what she just said.

Kyle calls Alex and shows him the letters his mom gave him, and Alex shows him the console piece he has. Alex suggests that the notes are a way his dad was sending him a message and asks for a critical word to use to find it. Kyle says to try “magoo,” his dad’s nickname for him. And it works.

Knowing that Isobel, Noah, and Liz are in the hospital, Max rushes in to find them, ignoring what he should be doing.

Hearing someone trying to open the door, they crouch quietly until the lights flicker. Isobel gets up to go to the door knowing it is Max. Outside, Michael runs up and hugs Isobel, seeing her for the first time since she has come out of the pod.

Liz walks away upset, mumbling in Spanish that she is not allowed to look for Max in the hospital. This triggers another memory in Isobel: she now sees Rosa pacing and mumbling in Spanish, and Isobel hugs her lovingly. Then we see Rosa’s car with writing on it that says “Go back to Mexico,” which was done by two girls she used to party with.

Back in the hospital, the guy destroys and sets fire to Liz’s research and office. Max follows a blood trail to the basement, where he finds a confused Connor not remembering how he got there and why he has a gun. He panics and has a seizure.

In Michael’s trailer, Isobel says that she thinks she was in love with Rosa. Michael then utters the episode’s best line: “Welcome to the party. It’s a real bisexual alien blast around here.” Showing her that he has more serum, Isobel grabs it and drinks it, wanting to know more. Then she leaves to go home to her husband.

Maria is cleaning when Michael returns her necklace. She tells him that Alex is one of her best friends and that it cannot happen again, pushing him away. Michael leaves, looking crushed -– is this a set up for a possible future love triangle?

Liz is in her destroyed office when Max comes in, and they hug and kiss, both asking if the other is alright. Max tells her this is the only part that was targeted and burned. They talk about the guy who did this and that he had a seizure before he blacked out. Liz says he used to work at the Crashdown and is epileptic, giving weight to the theory that the fourth alien is a mind influencer that can jump into people that are blacked out. Liz says she does not think Isobel killed her sister at all.

Back at her home getting ready for bed, Isobel has another memory flash. We see Rosa trying to find something and angry at Isobel thinking she hid it to get her to stay. We can also see that Isobel is not Isobel anymore. She creeps up to Rosa saying that she is not Isobel and that he can be the man she needs. Going as far as killing the other two girls for her, Rosa tries to run away, and that is why she was killed. Michael runs in asking what she did, and then she passes out.

Isobel remembers everything now.

Find out what happens next when Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on The CW!

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