‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 1, Episode 9 Recap: “Songs About Texas”

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Roswell, New Mexico episode 9, “Songs about Texas”. Courtesy of IMDb

Before we get into the details of what happened, some fun facts about this week’s episode!

  • It was directed by Shiri Appleby, who played Liz Parker in the 1999 Roswell series.
  • Michael Vlamis in a cowboy hat
  • Heather Hemmens singing Alanis Morisette AND
  • As always, a fantastic soundtrack.

Now, into the recap so this is your spoilers warning!

It has been six weeks since they put Isobel into the pod to keep her in stasis while Liz and Michael try to find a cure. Max is reading Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” to Isobel, as if keeping vigil at the bedside of a loved one. One look at the stacks of books around his chair and you can tell he does not want to leave her alone in the cave.

Noah is at the sheriff’s office wanting them to look for his wife, who he has not seen since Max told him she went to rehab. He threatens to go to press if they do not do something, mentioning that they should look into Max Evans as a person of interest.

Michael goes to The Wild Pony and runs into Alex, where he asks, “is this how it ends?”

Maria tells Michael that his tab has been taken care of and motions over to a booth where Max is sitting, he tells her Max only did that because he wants to use his car. He was right, Max wants to go to Texas to see a faith healer named Arizona who has the symbol as their logo on the flyer. Maria then goes to see Liz asking her to come with her to see a specialist that may be able to help her mother. While Max and Michael are looking at the different license plates on the vehicles of the people who came to see the healer, Maria and Liz show up as well. It seems they all thought the healer could help them.

Jenna takes Alex aside revealing that his dad wants her to keep tabs on anything strange, but with what she found she does not think he is the right Manes to tell.

Arizona welcomes the crowd who is there to see her and be healed. She picks an old man from the audience who looks to be a skeptic, holding her hand to his head where it glows red, and miraculously he is healed. Noticing the line to wait for private consultations in her tent, Maria and Michael go to see if she can treat his hand. She gives a price that he cannot pay, and they leave the tent angry. Michael uses his powers to untie the rope holding the tent closed in the back revealing the healer paying the old man; it was all an act. Upset that the healing was a hoax, Maria walks off. Max and Liz confront Arizona about the symbol but cannot get an explanation out of her. After Max and Liz leave an elder woman comes in asking what they wanted. When Arizona mentions the symbol the pair had been asking about the elder women is intrigued.

The group goes to a bar to drown their disappointment and Maria, who understandably is having a bad day, decides to blow off some steam by doing karaoke. She pulls Max into sing with her (well sort of) while Liz and Michael dance. I have to say Heather Hemmens, who plays Maria, has a beautiful voice and sang Alanis Morissette wonderfully.

Jenna, Alex, and Kyle meet, and they reveal there are aliens. Jenna tells them that there have been 14 deaths and Rosa was the first, they all have a medical examiner named Jane Holdings in common. Kyle looked into it, and there was never a Jane Holdings in Roswell. Alex says that the Project is back to find what/who is responsible for the deaths, and he is in charge.  Since Michael is involved, Kyle tells Alex to talk to him.


Going out to get some air, Maria and Michael wonder out in the desert together but because they are drunk, they get a bit lost. Maria will not stop talking, so Michael kisses her to get her to be quiet, she kisses him back, and they sleep together on a blanket in the desert.

Max and Liz go book hotel rooms and while in separate rooms, both toss and turn. Unable to sleep, they sit on swings outside and talk; he mentions that he remembers everyone that he could not and did not save. Before going back to her room, Liz tells him she still believes he is good. The next day Max goes back to Arizona and in desperation questions her again about the symbols. The elder sends Arizona to the car while she talks to him. She tells Max that there was a woman on the reservation that could heal people with her hand. He finds out she died around the time they came out of their pods.

Returning to Roswell, he arrives at the cave to tell Liz about what the women said. Outside the cave, in the desert, they talk about curing Isobel and how Liz is scared. Max makes us love him even more with another heartfelt, tender speech to Liz, about loving her even with all her faults. Max goes to turn away, and Liz pulls him in, and they kiss while Noah spies on them by the bushes.  Noah goes into the cave and sees his wife in the pod. He leaves and calls the sheriffs calling off the missing person’s report saying he saw his wife in rehab.

Alex goes to see Michael, and as they are awkwardly talking Michael takes off his boot because there was something in it. Maria’s necklace falls out, and of course, Alex recognizes it and realizes that they slept together. Halfway to his car Alex stops and goes back and admits that he loves Michael and that he thinks Michael loves him too. Alex then says, “I want to know who you are.” to which Michael replies, “You want to know who I am, or what I am?”

Jenna tells Kyle that she found out that Dr. Holdings signed the death certificate for his father, so his father did not die the way he thought. Kyle goes and tells Liz about it mentioning that they may want to hold off on helping Isobel.

Liz goes to the cave and hears Max reading something to her, something that he has been writing. She tells Max that she thinks she can save Isobel, but also mentions about the other deaths. Max says that they were not Isobel, Liz agrees and shares that she thinks that there is a fourth alien in Roswell that is very dangerous.

Find out what happens next when Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on The CW!

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