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Stands Launches New Campaigns with Jared and Genevieve Padalecki, Kim Rhodes, and Briana Buckmaster

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Fans of Supernatural received a double dose of great news today, when Stands announced two brand new fundraising campaigns!

Gen and Jared Padalecki have launched a new campaign with Stands, called Run Pads Run. Purchases of these limited edition tees and hoodies benefit Dream Big!, an organization that supports, encourages, and provides opportunities for young girls who, because of economic circumstances, are unable to participate in sports.

This campaign complements the Padaleckis’ Crowdrise campaign to raise awareness and funds by participating in the 2019 Boston Marathon. That effort already surpassed its initial goal of $20,000 and is now aiming to reach $30,000.

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Here is more from Stands about this exciting campaign:

Okay, maybe you can’t run a marathon. Us either. But Gen & Jared Padalecki can, so they’ve created their “Run Pads Run!” shirt for a great cause: to help girls participate in sports! So when you wear your “Run Pads Run!” shirt, you’ll be doing your part without having to do ANY of the sweating. You can even curl up in your bed and watch Netflix and STILL be a part of the team.

Stands also announced that its next two Embracelet charms are from Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster! First, the Sheriff’s Badge Charm is a $20 limited edition charm that, according to Stands, “might also double as a ninja throwing star if you ever have to throw down with a teeny tiny demon, but these claims have not yet been verified.”

The second Embracelet charm released today is the Wayward AF Charm. This $15 charm will be available year-round and is a great way to showcase your love for All Things Wayward.

Both of these charms will benefit New Leash On Life, which is aimed at “improving the life of inmates and saving the lives of dogs” through their prison-dog training program.

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Stands is also bringing back their very popular Donor Matching Program. Learn more below about the program and how you can donate items to others or sign up to receive a donated item!

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