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Jensen Ackles as the Archangel Michael in episode 14x10 "Nihilism". Courtesy of the CW
Jensen Ackles as the Archangel Michael in episode 14×10 “Nihilism”. Courtesy of the CW

In typical “go big or go home” Supernatural style, readers have made their voices heard! Jensen Ackles has won the vote for‘s “Performer of the Month” for February 2019.  Ackles’ win follows that of Jared Padalecki, who won for January, continuing the Supernatural domination of this poll.

Just as they did with Padalecki, fan votes caused Ackles to rise above the competition leaving all other contenders in the dust. This is a well deserved victory for Ackles and Supernatural fans in general.  The show has just been renewed for a record-breaking 15th season and surpassed a new milestone with the airing of its 300th episode.

The longevity of Supernatrual is due to the talented writers, actors and crew who go above and beyond to deliver excellence in every episode.  Padalecki and Ackles have outdone themselves in the acting department this season.  Ackles in particular has faced many challenges in his portrayal of the archangel Michael.  Playing another role in the same show, when you have essentially played the same character for 13 seasons, is one of the hardest tasks an actor can face.  Ackles embraced this challenge and absolutely crushed it. When he takes on the persona of Michael there is no trace of Dean left, no familiar facial expressions, hand gestures, or body language remain. He becomes Michael.

After all these years, Supernatural still has the ability to keep fans intrigued and speculating about what will happen next to the Winchesters. The final episodes of this season are shaping up to be some of the best yet. I’m sure the writers are still planning some surprises for us and I can’t wait to see how the end of this season sets up season 15.

In the meantime, let’s extend kudos and congratulations to Jensen Ackles on his win. If you would like to see the complete poll results, you can find them here



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