Monday, August 8, 2022

The ‘Goofy Movie’ Cover You Need to See

MOVIESThe 'Goofy Movie' Cover You Need to See

We may be a few years behind, but for the last year or so we’ve been obsessed with a cover/mashup of Disney’s A Goofy Movie, in which there’s a live-action video to go with it.

Peter Hollens and Stuart Edge teamed up to throw a real-life Powerline concert in public, complete with costumes, recreations of the film, and of course the signature dance moves.

The music is put together so well, including some of the film’s most iconic songs woven together seamlessly. There’s so many hidden gems, that it will take you a few rewatches to catch everything they put in there.

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Check out more from Peter Hollens and Stuart Edge! Watch their video below!

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