‘The Blacklist’ Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: “The Cryptobanker”

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This episode starts out with a man, nicknamed the R.A.T. (Remote Access Trojans) hacking a young girl’s pacemaker because he is blackmailing her father, who is the creator of her pacemaker and over 100,000 others. The R.A.T. wants him to send 3 million in Bitcoin. He agrees and the R.A.T. stops hacking the pacemaker. He calls “The Cryptobanker” to tell him the good news.

Red talks to Vontae Jones and Vega Montero as he plans to break out of prison and he tells them that he has a plan for a few weeks from now. Liz meets with Reddington and he tells her about “The Cryptobanker” and asks for a reservation in a few weeks for his favorite restaurant. He says that he is aware of this blackmailing scheme and needs Liz to figure it out, but needs another immunity agreement so he won’t reveal who “The Cryptobanker” is.

Liz briefs the team on our blacklister and they begin on the investigation. Ressler and Navabi meet with the father who created the pacemaker and its company, Pierson Diagnostics. He tells them they know about the blackmailing and are willing to work with him, and put his daughter out of harms way.

Red is back in the courtroom where he divulges the immunity agreement and Red objects. Judge Wilkins has the jurors exit and Mr. Sima says that the Task Force is co-conspirators for Reddington. Red defends the Task Force and Judge Wilkins tells Red that if the Government now chooses to disclose the agreement, there is nothing she can do to stop it.

Matt Pierson, the girl’s father, arrives home, with Aram in his trunk. Aram is setting up a force field with a Faraday cage to help prevent the hacking of Jaime’s pacemaker.

In prison, Red says that he plans to escape on Thursday at 4 and reads them a list of items he needs in order to pull it off. In the courtroom, Reddington agrees to plead guilty to all charges if Mr. Sima agrees not to go after the Task Force and say to the jurors that he was mistaken about the immunity agreement.

Aram gets the gate up and running but realizes how the R.A.T. hacked her pacemaker. Suddenly, Matt takes out Jaime’s pacemaker since her pacemaker is seemingly off-line and he won’t know about it. Getting ready to take his daughter to the hospital, Matt’s phone rings and it is the R.A.T. He says that because he saved his daughter, now 1,000 people are set to get a lethal shock in their pacemakers in 24 hours if he doesn’t pay 6 million. The hacker got into the company’s files and now Matt needs an authentication code to stop the shock. Aram tells the team about the shock that could kill 1,000 people as Jaime and Matt head to the hospital. They are going to try and get the files from Pierson’s company to warn all 200,000 patients.

Unexpectedly, Liz walks in saying that Reddington pleaded guilty to save the Task Force. Witness impact statements are given from Sima’s side and they all say that Reddington’s capital punishment, is the answer to his crimes. Simultaneously, Vontae and Vega get the items Red requested and Vontae puts some items in Raymond’s cell.

Cooper and Liz are talking about Red perhaps having a plan as Ressler and Navabi walk in with news about a lead. Oleg Gromov seems to be a patient of Pierson and the team tries to find him at a cafe to see if he is the R.A.T. Gromov is on his computer in the cafe when he spots the team and immediately calls “The Cryptobanker.” He meets with Gromov and asks how they might know it was him, but kills Gromov and takes his laptop to tie up any loose ends.

Liz meets with Reddington in his cell and pleads with him to be a witness on his side. He agrees and in the courtroom, he asks Keen to profile him. Liz says that he is a fugitive and that’s the face he shows the world. She says that that’s not how he acts with her and that he is kinder, despite his crimes. She begs the jury for a lighter punishment.

In the search for Gromov, there is no sign of him or his laptop. Aram is at Oleg’s house on the phone with Cooper and Matt and Matt tells Aram to find the serial number for the computer so they can track it. He finds it and as soon as the computer is turned on, they are able to locate it.

Mr. Sima is giving his closing statements, Red interrupts and says that he is echoing Sima’s statements for the death penalty as he feels he has nothing to live for. He decides to skip all the statements and just stop fighting.

Ressler and Navabi find Gromov’s body in a car with a gunshot wound to the head but no laptop. Aram has been able to set up the backdoor to the computer but they only have 90 minutes so it’s a race against time.

Red is seen in his cell messing with certain ingredients and items that he requested and meets with the Warden. Red drugs his dog and chloroforms the Warden and Vontae and Vega walk in soon after.

The team see that the Pierson hacking has made the news and “The Cryptobanker” meets with an associate to have him accept the 6 million dollars as Aram gets a notification that the computer is online. He says that they are at the First Bank and Cooper sends Aram, Navabi, and Ressler to catch him and the computer, with only 30 minutes left.

Red dresses up in the Warden’s clothes and uses hair from the barbershop for a fake beard. Red sends the secretary away and has Vontae and Vega handcuff themselves so they aren’t questioned about helping Red. Liz comes to talk to Red to see what is going on and the assistant at the desk that works for the Warden takes Liz to his office. He takes the dog and attempts to pass the guards, getting all the way outside. Dembe shows up with the helicopter but guards catch Red before Dembe can get close enough. Red tells Dembe to leave in what looked like Red’s last hope and Liz comes out seeing the escape that could’ve been.

Ressler, Navabi, and Aram arrive at the First Bank of Maryland and find “The Cryptobanker” with a client in an office. “The Cryptobanker” won’t put his hands up because he decides to pull out a gun and Aram shoots him in the shoulder. Aram gets ahold of the computer and after the blacklister gives the authentication code to Aram, he calls Matt and has him type it in his system with only a minute left. It works and the company is back up and running, with all those patients saved.

Liz and Red talk quickly as he is being transported. She says that if he had told her, she wouldn’t have gotten in the way. Red tells her that “The Cryptobanker” made a deal with someone in Cairo and tells Liz to ask him who he sent the laundered money to for this conspiracy. Red says that, “everything rests on finding him.” Red thanks Liz for her kind profile and she hopes that the jury is as well.

Liz questions “The Cryptobanker” and gives him a deal if he gives up information on the man in Cairo as Reddington is about to hear his sentence. In the courtroom, the jury agrees to the death penalty for Reddington. Red tries for one last stand for the jury’s recommendation to be put aside as she states, he planned on being long gone. Unfortunately, she takes their recommendation. “You’ve not only lost your right to live as a free man, but under the laws of the United States,  you have lost your right to live at all.”

Here’s the trailer for next week’s episode:

The Blacklist airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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