David Haydn-Jones Stars in ‘Love Under the Rainbow’ for Hallmark Channel


David Haydn-Jones, Jody Sweetin and Dakota Guppy in Love Under the Rainbow. Courtesy Crown Media United States,LLC

Fans of David Haydn-Jones, which includes yours truly, will be thrilled to know that he is returning to the small screen in a new movie for the Hallmark Channel.  Love Under the Rainbow, stars Jodie Sweetin as Lucy, a school teacher who has all but given up on ever finding true love. Things change when Jack (Haydn-Jones) and his daughter Sophie (Dakota Guppy) move to town and soon everything is coming up rainbows for the couple who dare to take a chance on love.

The Hallmark Channel released a sneak peek of the movie earlier today and I for one can’t wait to see it.  Written by Kirsten Hanson and directed by Tony Dean Smith, Love Under the Rainbow, promises to deliver all the warm and fuzzy feelings that are a trademark of the Hallmark Channel.

Fans of the hit TV show Supernatural, hoping Haydn-Jones would reprise his role as Arthur Ketch have so far been disappointed this season. Until then, they can tune in to the Hallmark Channel on Saturday March 9 at 8PM/7 CT for the premier of Love Under the Rainbow



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