‘Charmed’ Season 1, Episode 13 Recap: “Manic Pixie Nightmare”

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Melonie Diaz as ‘Mel’. Image courtesy of IMDB.

Charmed this week was more on the playful side, as a pixie who had her heart stolen (literally) decided to wreak havoc on Hilltown.

Macy (Madeleine Mantock) and Dr. Wagner (Rya Kihlstedt) have been working on finding a way to remove the demon cells from Parker (Nick Hargrove) and have a temporary solution for him to try. Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) comes up with an idea to help Macy, and they see Mama Roz (Eva La Dare) and summon his grandmother for answers on removing the demon from Macy. After summoning his grandmother and being pulled into a spirit realm for protection, she tells him how he can help Macy.

It turns out that Galvin has to go on a journey to find a shaman and prove himself worthy in the form of tests. Macy does not want him to do that because it is dangerous but, in the end, he tells her that he wants to because he loves her.

Zack (Adam DiMarco), a film student wanting to get into a seminar next semester found a way to summon, trap, and steal the heart of a pixie named Chloe (Emily Bader). Because he has her heart, she must do his bidding which includes killing off the competition.

While Parker’s human side is more dominant, he is susceptible to Chloe’s powers where demons are immune. Since he is in the same film class as Zach, he is a target; she has him chasing a puppy and skipping in the middle of the street until Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) connects to him with her powers, breaking the spell.

Putting her heart on the line, Maggie kisses Parker and says she wants to be with him again (how cute is that puppy!).

The sisters trap Chloe, but she uses her magic on Harry (Rupert Evans) and has him steal the Book of Shadows and release her. They find them at the university and once again Maggie uses her power to break the spell.

After returning the heart to Chloe, and telling her that maybe the Pixies work together to protect their hearts, Mel (Melonie Diaz) does an Arcana hex that compels Zack to turn himself in. It is the first time Mel’s sisters see something she has learned from them.

Jada (Aleyse Shannon) tells Mel that Niko (Ellen Tamaki) called her and that her parents want to see her, so she asks if Mel wants to ‘meet the parents’.  When they go to meet them, a black van pulls up, and two people dressed all in black shot arrows at them.

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