Countdown to ‘Endgame’: Our Favorite Moments From ‘Thor’

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We are only a few short weeks away from the premiere of Avengers: Endgame. And as the release date approaches and we reach the end of this journey, we want to look back on everything that brought us here. The heroes we watched struggle, grow, and save humanity over the last ten years and our favorite moments of their stories. We will be going through each phase in order, covering every movie leading up to April 26.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor (2011). Courtesy of IMDb.

Released in 2011, Thor introduced us to the God of Thunder himself. Thor went from always looking for a fight, to finding something to fight for.

Here are some of our favorite moments from Thor:

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Picking a favorite part in this film is almost impossible. This first film in the Thor trilogy did a splendid job in not only introducing the character that would become so essential to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also expanding the Marvel world into a different realm and quite literally, space. Thor is a lovable character who does nothing halfway. Much like Tony Stark, Thor spends this first adventure doubting his superiority and finding ways to adapt to a completely new environment. The groundwork to conflict with his brother and the relationship to his father, which will become essential to his journey and development, is built in this movie. Loki is of course one of those characters who steals the entire show in a story, thanks to Tom Hiddleston’s masterful portrayal of the God of Mischief. He doesn’t even have to do much, one look is already enough to land the proverbial punchline in a scene with Loki. Next to Loki, other minor characters like Heimdall, Darcy, or even Odin himself really steal the scenes and contribute to the dynamic of the film.
My favorite parts are Loki’s confrontation with his father and Thor explaining the myth of the nine realms to Jane, because both show the depth of the characters. Chris Hemsworth himself puts so much love and passion into the role that it is always a joy to watch him play the God of Thunder. The romance and love story become secondary to Thor’s will to save humanity, Earth, and his new friends. -Conny

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

I am a huge fan of mythology so it is pretty easy to see why the Thor trilogy, with its roots in Norse mythology, is one of my favorites of Marvel’s franchises. The thought Marvel put into following the line of facts with this mythology alongside the acting of Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, and the other amazing cast members really made this movie a hit. While I think the Marvel movies before Thor were phenomenal, I really do believe that this movie took the story line above and beyond because the audience finally got to see that this world expands across galaxies. I believe it was also crucial to move the bigger story line along as we get to see in later Marvel movies. We start to get introduced to the bigger players and little pieces start to get put together.  One of my favorite parts is when Thor is upset about his father forbidding him to go to Jotunheim after the Ice Giants interrupted his coronation and Loki, essentially, tricking him into going anyway. This is one of my favorite parts mainly due to the fact that it is such a little brother trick that every time I re-watch it, I cannot contain my laughter. -Mikayla

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The Thor movies are possibly my favorite of all the Avengers movies and while Loki is my favorite character, his scenes in the first Thor movie are very serious. I enjoy the intricacies of Loki’s plots, how he moves behind the scenes and manipulates everyone to achieve his goals.
Some of my favorite moments in the first Thor movie involve Darcy. She is the sarcastic character that seems to say exactly what the audience is thinking. When she’s not teasing Thor, she’s making comments about his muscles and how odd he is.
A few other fun moments include when Thor’s friends are introduced to the humans he has met on Midgard, Thor smashing the cup in a gesture meaning he would like another drink, and Jane accidentally hitting Thor with a truck multiple times. This movie is full of tiny moments that are full of wit and humor, while also telling a story of two brothers struggling to figure out who they are, entwined with a familiar mythology in a superhero universe. More so than the previous films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor sets up a lot of pieces for subsequent movies. -Heather

Stay tuned as we look back on all our favorite moments from the Marvel Universe as we anticipate what lies ahead for our heroes in Avengers: Endgame.

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