Thursday, March 30, 2023

‘The Wayward Podcast’ Talks Happiness

PODCASTSTHE WAYWARD PODCAST‘The Wayward Podcast’ Talks Happiness


Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes. Image courtesy of The Wayward Podcast.

Cue Pharrell Williams, because The Wayward Podcast just got a lot happier.

In a recent segment penned by the exuberant pair Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster, the podcast team explores the nuances of happiness and the matters of it being about the journey itself rather than the final destination.

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And where is the fun in riding the waves by ourselves? The answer is: nowhere. With Charlie Capen and Rachel Miner shrinking in size to fit three into Rhodes’ proclaimed “very sweaty closet” in their own respective episodes, it is clearly the extensions of family (or in this case, the SPNFamily) which make the journey that much more fun.

Fun—a word synonymous with Capen, who those of the Instagram world are deeming a #DisneylandDilf (worry not, he finds the humor in it!). He is a dad, an author, and the President of Strategy & Operations at GISH. Or that “part army, part cult, part game, part… performance art?… Game? Is it a game?” We are not exactly sure how to describe it either, but the impactful change it has on the world was one for the Guinness World Records. Right now, they are saving unicorns.

If you do not believe us, maybe hearing it from the mouth of Miner, Random Acts Executive Director, will help. The love fest turned more somber in the 29-minute talk about the downside of being a successful actor, looking after yourself while lifting others up, and what could be surprising—her love language! Spoiler alert: it is touch.

The Wayward Podcast premiers new episodes every Monday. You can listen here on Podbean, or here via iTunes!

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