GISH Releases New Registration Video for 2019: Save the Forest Unicorn

GISH announces registration to Save The Forest Unicorn. Courtesy of Misha Collins Twitter


On Feb 16, Misha Collins teased the release of a GISH registration event as only Collins can, riding a unicorn.

As promised, GISH shared a video today recruiting GISHers for the 2019 Hunt and highlighting one of the projects, Saving the Forest Unicorn (STFU), specifically the endangered saola, a.k.a the Asian unicorn, found only in the Annamite Mountains of Laos. According to the video, there are only 70 currently in existence, and it is the most endangered land mammal in the world.  A portion of every registration, GISHolarship, invitation to register, or registration upgrade is donated to saving this beautiful animal and other endangered species. Each time someone registers or donates, 1/4 acre of forest land is saved, and March 5th is the last day to take part!

Check the video out below!

Want to get involved and STFU? Learn more about saving the unicorns and join GISH today!


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