Stream the First Five Episodes of ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Now!

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The first five episodes of Roswell, New Mexico are now available to stream on The CW’s app and websiteRoswell, New Mexico is a modern take on the Roswell High books, set when the characters are adults, versus high school like the original Roswell.

This show brings a story to characters we already love, anchored by a fantastic cast, led by Jeanine Mason (Liz) and Nathan Dean Parsons (Max). It’s a show that’s got everything – into sci-fi? There’s aliens. Into romance? There’s that too. If you love mysteries, there’s a big mystery centered at the plot that you get to watch start to unravel. It’s a show that has us gripping the edge of our seats after every week, amazed by the writing, directing, and acting.

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We also got the chance to interview Nathan, and you can read our interview with him here. We also listed the five reasons we love Nathan’s portrayal of Max here. (We’ll have more fun articles about characters like Liz, Michael, Isobel and more coming soon!)

It’s our staff’s favorite show of the 2018-2019 season, and we’re so excited for people to watch it! The show is currently on a break, and will return on Tuesday, February 26. In the meantime, why not watch the first five episodes and get caught up?

As a new show, building an audience is important. Carina Adly Mackenzie, the showrunner, stated that The CW is paying close attention to the streaming numbers. So, if you’ve wanted to check the show out but haven’t had the chance – here’s your chance! If you’ve watched it already, re-watch it and discover little things you might have missed. It’s a fantastic show that deserves another season, and hopefully many more to come.

Watch NOW on The CW’s app and website!




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