Happy Birthday Gil McKinney! Fans Share Favorite Gil Moments!

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Courtesy of Mandi H., Staff Photographer

Today marks Gil McKinney’s (best known for his roles on Supernatural and Once Upon A Time) 40th birthday, and our staff wanted to do a little something to celebrate!

We compiled a few responses from fans about their favorite Gil moments! Read them below!

I’m not completely sure how many times I’ve actually met Gil, but there are so many awesome memories from each of those times. He’s one of the first actors from the SPN con circuit to pay attention to my photos and compliment them, which meant the world to me. He’s genuine, caring, and has a wicked memory. I am so thankful we get to have him as part of the SPN family because he truly makes it better. Happy Birthday, Gilbert! – Mandi H

I got to meet Gil for the first time at #SPNNOLA in 2017. His was the first panel I saw that weekend and he really made it special. You can tell how at ease he is with his fans. He has a wonderful sense of humor and a smile that lights up a room. His photo op was right after the panel and it is hands down one of my favorites. You made that weekend very special for me Gil, I hope your birthday is just as special for you. Happy Birthday! – Deb

The first time I ever saw Gil was at my first con in Minneapolis 2015. I don’t know what it was in particular, but I completely fell in love with him during his panel and immediately after told my best friend we had to split an op with him. Fast forward to MinnCon 2017 and I had him sign a photo book I had made and we had probably a 2-3 minute conversation. He is just so attentive and genuinely cares about his fans. – Tiffany F.

Courtesy of Mandi H., Staff Photographer

I loved him as Henry.  I was so sad for him when he found put John thought he abandoned him.  Henry wanted to go back so bad to raise his son. He was so good. Then I saw him sing.  That boy has pipes. Happy Birthday Gil. – Mary

From the day Gil and I met, it has been all banter between us. From flipping each other off to telling each other to shut up and to me giving him sh*t for his jeans/pants every time we meet. Those little moments mean the world to me and shows that he cares. -Keely

Giving Gil the fan book I made for him was the best thing ever. To see the pure happiness on his face and getting a hug full of love and appreciation is something I’ll never forget. Thank you for everything, Gil! – Sabrina

I’ve never been able to meet him but watching him on stage in convention videos always makes my day 100% better. He brings such positive energy and he such a sweetheart. Also he has the voice of an angel! – Katharina

Gil has always been super kind and welcoming to me. He’s a big part of the SPN Family for me and we’re so lucky to have him. – Sarah

Awesome actor, you weren’t on the show for long and yet you were so good and brought so much life to the character that Henry is still one of my favorites! Also you have the voice of an angel. Happy birthday! – Grisel

Courtesy of Mandi H., Staff Photographer

Gil is without a doubt one of the kindest souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He spreads joy and encouragement to so many and leaves countless speechless with his beautiful voice. The world is definitely a better place with him in it. Happy 40 Gil! You might be ancient now but we still love you just as much. – Jess E.

Gil has an amazing voice and is the sweetest. – Zoya

I loved the character of Henry Winchester and knew who Gil was from other tv shows. I attended a con in Minnesota with my friends and it was where he became my favorite con guest. He walked out for his panel in a Guns and Roses t-shirt and within a few minutes of talking, dropped the F-Bomb. I laughed and immediately knew he must be an awesome guy. I love seeing him at the cons I attend because he’s so personable, funny and charming. He is an incredibly talented actor and singer and I live for his sassy tweets and sarcastic responses when the mood strikes him on twitter! Proud to be 1/4th of #GilsGals. Happy 40th Birthday to you! – Betsie M.

Gil McKinney is truly one of a kind! Because of this gem I have made some of the best friends possible and for that Im forever grateful! Pretty sure everyone needs a Gil in their life! Thanks for everything! #GilsGals – Cora H.

He means a lot to me because he helps me to not give up on guitar & he helps to keep me going when it gets really hard. He was so sweet to me when I met him & he told me he was proud of me & I just want to return the favor back to him for everything he’s done for me. – Caitlyn

Gil was at the first spn convention i ever attended. I immediately fell under his spell. His panel was funny and charming and i was shocked to hear his magical voice at karaoke and the SNS. – Amy

Gil McKinney is the comedian I never expected, the singer with a voice like Sinatra and a man who knows what heart strings to tug at with every song he writes; but more than that, Gil is someone who lifts your spirits and can make every moment a memory. Gil has given me and my girls so many fun and memorable moments of the last several years! He deserves nothing but the best! Happy Birthday Gil! – #GilsGals – Trista H.

Courtesy of Mandi H., Staff Photographer

Gil was the best part of Minncon 2017 for me. He was the person I ran into the most and every time left me with a special memory. – Emma

I love that Gil always seems able to call us by name after meeting us just once. – Nancy

Every time I see him, he’s always a sweetheart. My favorite memory is getting to sing with him during Karaoke Night at VegasCon 2015. We sang “Don’t Stop Believin” with Osric, Tim Omnudson and Louden Swain. Happy Birthday Gil! – Almendra

Happy Birthday, Gil! We hope you have a great one!

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