Sunday, February 5, 2023

‘The Expanse’ Season 3 Gets an Amazon Prime Release Date

TELEVISION'The Expanse' Season 3 Gets an Amazon Prime Release Date
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Amazon Prime has announced a February 8 release date for season three of the critically acclaimed sci-fi show The Expanse. A new Amazon Prime  twitter account was also unveiled. Cast members retweeted the news and debuted brand new Amazon Prime branded Twitter banners. These releases represent signs of life for The Expanse at its new home.

The Expanse is part of the recent trend of shows being saved by an organized, passionate fanbase and a streaming service. Syfy ordered three seasons of The Expanse before cancelling it in May 2018.  Fans of the show, dubbed the #screamingfirehawks, gathered 100,000 signatures and crowdfunded an airplane to fly a “#SaveTheExpanse” banner around Amazon Studios.  High profile people who supported the campaign included George R. R. Martin, Patton Oswalt, and astronaut Andreas Mogensen. Within weeks, Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon Prime would pick up the series for a fourth season.

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Season four is currently filming, with a general release date of 2019. Starting February 8, The Expanse fans with Amazon Prime can catch up on season three before the brand new season. Fans on twitter can stay up to date by following @expanseonprime.

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