Five Moments Mazikeen from ‘Lucifer’ Kicked Ass

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Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen on “Lucifer.” Image courtesy of IMDB.


Season 2, Episode 4: “Lady Parts”

Chloe, Maze, Ella, and Linda are all drunk at a bar when Chloe finds a lead on her case and questions a man. Which goes sideways when the man’s girlfriend steps in and calls Chloe a skank.  Maze steps in to defend Chloe, and once the fight breaks out Maze does what Maze does best, breaks a pool stick in half for weapons and kicks some ass.


Season 2, Episode 17: “Sympathy for the Goddess”

It is always fun to watch Maze fight, but it is always nice to see her fight someone matched in skill. In this case, a fight with Lucifer.  Mad at Lucifer for not telling her about his plan to go to Heaven, she confronts him, marking her words with hits to Lucifer. When he starts fighting back, the show went to break coming back to Maze and Lucifer bloody and out of breath with no one winning, but Maze still convinced she would kick Lucifer’s ass.


Season 1, Episode 4: “Manly Whatnots”

Speaking of matched skills, Maze’s fight early on in the series with Amenadiel was magnificent to watch. The camera angles showcased her expert blade work and combat skills. And even when she’s pinned against the wall, she’s the one in control with her words. And tongue.


Season 3, Episode 24: “A Devil of My Word”

Maze wakes up drugged after a fight with Cain goes sideways in the previous episode.  One of Cain’s men says, “she doesn’t seem that scary.” A poor choice of words for him as Maze breaks free and still manages to defeat Cain’s men in her still drugged state.  Nothing stands in Maze’s way.


Season 2, Episode 10: “Quid Pro Ho”

Lucifer, Dan, and Maze track down information on a killer, but first they need to defeat Kang. Enter Maze. Even with swords, Kang was not winning that fight.  With nothing but her fists, Maze managed to defeat him and get both swords from him.


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