Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Jason Manns and Richard Speight, Jr. Launch Kickstarter for Rich’s Debut Album!

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Fans have been teased for a while about an album in the works from Richard Speight, Jr., produced by Jason Manns. When we spoke to Jason in December, he talked about how Rich’s album would be started in the beginning of the year.

Now, the duo has launched a kickstarter for the album!

Listen, Dick’s making an album, because Dick wants to make an album (also, possibly because Jason has convinced Dick he wants to make an album… but let’s not get bogged down by “details” or “facts”).  However it came about, we now both want to make this thing, and some fans seem to want us to make this thing, so we’re gonna make this thing. We weren’t planning on doing any crowd funding for this because it is a fun project we are happy to spend our own money to make happen. But some fans have expressed their hope that we would offer some of the fun perks that have been offered before on the Covers with Friends albums, so we were happy to oblige. There’s some really fun stuff offered here like studio visits, backer shows, beer Koozies, bottle openers… I sense a theme here.

We were originally going to say a portion of the proceeds from this campaign will go to charity, but Kickstarter also forbids campaigns from raising money for charity. (So many rules! But they’re in charge so we said ok!) But doesn’t forbid a personal contribution,  so Rich and I will be making contributions to The Wounded Warrior Campaign at the close of this Kickstarter in honor of two very special vets who were killed in the line of duty, Warren H. “Skip” Muck and Michael N.”Chip” Manns.

Here are some of the perks you can get: exclusive updates on the album, digital download, signed album, beer koozie, skype hang, tote bag, VIP, bumper stickers, studio tour and more.

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Some of the perks include a ticket to a show, so we’re even more excited this means Rich will be performing and having shows somewhere!

Support the album and get some amazing perks – here on Kickstarter!

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