‘Travelers’ Season Three Premiere Date Announced

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The cast of Travelers on Netflix. Photo courtesy of @TRVLRSseries

Travelers Season 3 finally has a definite release date.

There were many behind the scenes pictures released during the filming of Season 3 this summer, however there had been no official word other than an ambiguous “late 2018.” Later, that became a more definitive December 2018 and now it is official for December 14 on Netflix. Travelers began on Canada’s Showcase Network for its first two seasons and Netflix for international release. Season 3 will only be available on Netflix, both in Canada and internationally, with 10 total episodes for the season. Travelers is the creation of Brad Wright, who also is a part of the writing team, and stars Eric McCormack, Reilly Dolman, Mackenzie Porter, Jared Abrahamson, Nesta Cooper, and Patrick Gilmore. The show follows the Travelers team, headed up by Eric McCormack, as they travel back in time to try and fix events in the past with the hope that it will fix the apocalyptic future they traveled from. Travelers is filmed in Vancouver along with shows like Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash and Riverdale. Season 1 and Season 2 each have 12 episodes and are both currently available on Netflix, so start binging before Season 3 premieres.

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