‘Charmed’ Season 1, Episode 8: “Bug a Boo”

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This week’s episode picks up right where the last one ended. The sisters are running after the girl who they think is responsible for their mother’s death and who stole the scythe. She manages to evade them and use the scythe to free something as a hand reaches out of the ground.

There is a bit more backstory to Harry (Rupert Evans) and Charity’s (Virginia Williams) past as they reminisce.

Accompanied by Mel (Melonie Diaz) they go to a crime scene to see if it is demonic and has to do with what was set free, the whole time there they are being watched. Charity tells the sisters that the Sisters of Arcana was started by an elder and is the reason Fiona – Charity’s sister – died. Mel meets with the elders, and they want her to join the Sister of Arcana to find out what they are doing.

Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) applies to work to sign up people for a dating app to help them find their perfect match. They are really making her character very similar to Pheobe. The demon they are chasing is a bug demon using the dating app Maggie is working to find its victims. Macy is out on a date from the app and gets kidnapped, waking up in a web cocoon. Maggie, Mel, and Harry go to the basement of the company to save her. When they are looking at the buildings, map the basement is level P3. They named the basement after Piper’s club in the original series.

Alastair (Craig Parker), Hunter (Constantine Rousouli), and Parker (Nick Hargrove) are trying to get the sisters blood to use in a serum that can help Parker since his demon half is killing his human half. Parker asks Maggie if she would get her plasma tested because he is in need of a transfusion, she says yes, and Mel goes with her as well.

When Mel takes out the garbage at work she is approached by Jada (Aleyse Shannon), she explains that she is not trying to kill her she is trying to recruit her. She is part of a witch group called Sisters of Arcana a rogue group of witches the don’t follow the elder’s rules. Jada reveals that she is half witch, half white lighter and that Mel’s mother Marisol (Valerie Cruz) was an ally and had helped her write a spell in the Book of Shadows. Jada gave back their piece of the scythe and said that she used it to release one of the greatest witches in recent history that the elders banished.

Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) is in a bad mood because he broke up with his girlfriend and found out his research funding was cut and takes his attitude out on Macy (Madeleine Mantock). Macy confides in her sisters that she still wants Galvin and calls him to have a drink with her. On his way to meet her, Galvin gets hit by a car, and his protection mark is glowing.

Mel goes to find Jada and gets knocked out by another member who says that she almost saw Fiona.

Watch the preview for the mid-season finale below!

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