‘Bad Blood’ Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: “Disruption and Early Sorrow”

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Reggie (Ryan McDonald) is not dealing well with the events that happened in the previous episode, where he unintentionally killed a police officer. He was trying to help Declan (Kim Coates) by knocking him out, but the blow was fatal. Reggie asks Declan if he has ever killed anyone before, and Declan gets a far-off look in his eyes as a flashback to some of his kills plays.

Declan and Rose (Sharon Taylor) are talking when someone yells out for help. Rose runs over and breaks down crying when she sees what has happened: Bobby’s (Brandon Oakes) son, Wes (Cameron Roberts), and a few of his friends are all lying on the ground, dead from having taken drugs laced with Fentanyl. Bobby does not want to see Rose and gets the guard to tell her that she shouldn’t come back to see him. Declan tells Rose that he will do what he can to find the people responsible for the deaths.

They find someone listed as the Cinnamon Girl in Wes’s phone and go to an old dinner to see what they find. While they wait, Declan tells her about his sister and losing her to drugs and that he understands what she is feeling. Eventually, they realize that the Cinnamon Girl turns out to be the bartender, and they follow him to an alley and beat him up to find out who he buys his supply from. The information leads them to a redhead at a massage parlour, and when they see her, Declan recognizes her from surveillance photos.

Their investigation leads Declan and Rose to discover that the drugs that killed Wes and all the others are from the Langana twins. Declan gets a call from Shelly saying the Fentanyl distribution is being done in a church. He tells her to call in a tip directly to the organized crime division. Rose wants to destroy the ones who laced the drugs and tells Declan to bring the shipment in.

Meanwhile, the Cosoleto family are having their own issues. Domenic (Louis Ferreira) reads the headlines about all the deaths involving Fentanyl. Domenic meets with Teresa (Anna Hopkins) and Christian (Johnny Falcone) to tell them that they are out of the business, but to Teresa’s surprise, his son Luca (Franco Lo Presti) still wants to move forward against his father’s wishes.

Teresa asks Luca to call their families’ contacts at Border Patrol and get them to search every truck, so Declan can’t get his shipments and find allies in Montreal. Teresa, Christian, and Luca meet with the Irish who tell them they will only buy from them if they get the port back. The twins find out that the church has been seized and searched by the cops and ask when the last time anyone was there. Luca says he was to get more for another order. Because of Luca’s mistake and the twins hinting they would usually kill everyone involved, the Cosoletos return to dealing in Fentanyl.

Enzo (Daniel Kash) goes to visit his son Nats (Dylan Taylor) in jail. Nats asks his dad to protect Val (Melanie Scrofano) and his son no matter what happens. When Enzo is leaving his house, he is approached by Detective Nellie Bullock (Lisa Berry) and Ken (Eric Hicks). They play the recording of Val telling Nats about cheating on him and talking to the cops.

Detective Bullock says she would protect her and her son in exchange for information on the twins, but he of course turns down that offer. Enzo goes to visit Val and confront her and asks what she said to the cops. He tells her he won’t tell Domenic because he promised Nats to protect her.

Declan kills the Irish boss, after learning that the Irish are going through the Langana twins for their supply and are gunning for the port.

Declan is meeting with someone under a highway bridge, telling that person that in order to win, they have to make it so the Cosoletos and Langanas turn against each other. Declan thanks none other than Ken for delivering the recording of Val confessing to Nats to Domenic.

“I’m not sure how this will turn out, but this is where it starts”

Watch some clips from this weeks episode below.

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