‘Bad Blood’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: “That Ship Has Sailed”

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In the latest Bad Blood episode “That Ship Has Sailed,” we see Declan (Kim Coates) getting the money together that he owes to the Mexican Cartel. Meanwhile, Reggie (Ryan McDonald) is getting his wounds cleaned and bandaged by Rose (Sharon Taylor), and Declan wants to keep him close and to come with him to the shipyard to drop off the money. They find the shipping container that is going to Mexico and pack the bags of money in the crate with baby car seats, where Reggie asks why he does not just rob from the containers.

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When they are almost done, Declan gets a call from his shipyard contact to say that the cops showed up to do a random search. When the cops are checking shipping containers that are cleared to go, they notice that the tape on one is missing, so they open it to investigate. During their search, they find the money. But just as one of the cops goes to call it in, the other cop tells him not to. And while all of that is happening, Declan and Reggie are hiding behind the container listening in to their conversation. The officer who wants nothing to do with taking the money leaves. Declan points his gun at the one left, telling him to leave it where he found it. When the cop turns around, he has his gun pointed at Declan, so Reggie hits the cop with a crowbar to knock him out.

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As the cop is lying on the ground, blood starts to pool around his head — the hit has killed him. To hide his body, they put it in the shipping container heading to Mexico along with the money. What Declan does not know is that this was seen by an associate of the Mexican Cartel, who then informs Declan that they will no longer be working with him because of all the issues

Val (Melanie Scrofano) goes to see Detective Bullock (Lisa Berry) to see if she will help to try to get Nats (Dylan Taylor) released from prison, because she wants her husband home. Bullock tells Val that she still needs her to get information regardless of the fact that her husband is in jail. Detective Bullock will not do a deal to help, so Val tells her they are done and leaves.

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Nats is in the courtyard when Bobby (Brandon Oakes), Rose’s brother, walks over and introduces himself as the person Domenic (Louis Ferreira) hired for protection. Val goes to visit Nats and ends up telling him everything, including how she cheated on him and talked with a detective. Nats yells at her and asks what information she gave the police. She mentions the fentanyl and, in a fit of rage, he grabs her throat before he is taken away by the prison guards.

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Detective Bullock, having heard everything from the listening device planted in the visitation room, goes to Val’s house and tells her that they will kill her. Val does not want anything to do with her anymore and goes back inside.

Domenic, Enzo (Daniel Kash), and Luca (Franco Lo Presti) talk about what to do with the fentanyl. Domenic puts Luca in charge of working with the twins.

Courtesy of Citytv Toronto.

At the church, the twins are showing Luca how they will be making the drugs, but he is uninterested in the process and walks away. The twins want him to show them how he plans to distribute up close. They stop in front of a daycare, and Luca talks to three women and they exchange bags. When he gets back into the vehicle, he explains that they are family and that “you start with people you trust.”

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