‘Bad Blood’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: “Una Vita per Una Vita”


The episode starts with the Langana twins torturing Reggie to find out information about Declan whereabouts. But since Reggie has not seen Declan since he dropped him off at the hotel, he has no idea where Declan is.

Elsewhere, Declan is meeting with Shelly, the person he was working with to find where the twins are, as well as information on the Cosoleto family. During their conversation, Declan gets a text message picture of a beaten-up Reggie. Declan starts to unravel as soon as the phone rings.

Teresa gives him three hours to change his mind, or otherwise, they will kill Reggie. Declan forms a plan: he borrows Shelly’s car that has a seat and drives to a house in Hamilton, Ontario. Val has left the house to go to yoga, so Declan sneaks in and then knocks out and ties up Nats. Declan shows Nats the photo he was sent of Reggie and asks if he knew about what Teresa and Christian were up to. Nats and the rest of the Cosoletos had no idea that the twins were going to do that. Declan tells them he wants Reggie and the $5 million from the drugs they stole from him. To make sure they follow through with his demands, Declan leaves with Nats’ infant son in his arms.

When the Cosoletos confront the twins about where Reggie is so they can give him and the money to Declan, Teresa and Christian refuse. They do not want to look weak and give in to Declan’s demands. The twins refuse all suggestions, pointing out that, because they are impartial, they are the only ones thinking rationally. After guns are drawn and threats are thrown around, the confrontation ends with Teresa agreeing to try it their way.

Val meets with Detective Bullock and tells her about them going into fentanyl production and that her husband and most of the Cosoletos are against it. As Val is getting up to leave, Detective Bullock gives a children’s book to her for her son’s birthday that is coming up. Val refuses to take the book and leaves.

Declan, Shelly, and Nats’ infant son go to the barn he is staying in at Rose’s to wait out the call to make the trade. Declan goes outside to make a call, and we see some happier flashbacks of him with Reggie. He calls Nats’ phone to get his answer for the trade, but just as he is about to agree to the terms, Teresa hangs up. When Declan calls back, she tells Nats that if he answers his phone, she will never tell them where Reggie is.

Val comes home to an empty house and sees a broken coffee cup on the floor. She calls her husband, but he does not answer his phone, because he does not know what to say to her. After making the deal, Declan wants just Nats to come to the exchange. When Nats goes to his house to get what he needs, he has to tell Val that their son was kidnapped by Declan. She tells him that she is going with him and that she will meet him in the car. While Nats goes to get his gun, Val quickly calls Detective Bullock to tell her about her son. Detective Bullock says she will call the local police department.

Val and Nats go pick up a beaten Reggie at the exchange location. Shelly calls and tells Declan that she sees two unmarked cop cars and one other waiting for them. Declan calls Nats and wants to speak to Reggie when he finds out that his wife is with him. However, he understands why they are together and will not hold it against him. During the call, Declan asks Reggie how many cars are behind them and gets them to take random turns until there is only one car that stays with them. Nats pulls over and goes to the car to tell them to leave. But it was only his cousin Luca wanting to help. When they are back on the road, Declan gives them new directions to the new exchange location. Val texts Detective Bullock the new information.

At the new meeting spot, they pull up side by side. Declan holds them at gunpoint. Reggie takes the bag of money beside him and gets into Declan’s vehicle. Declan tells Val to come to get her son who is unarmed. When Declan drives away, Nats gets out of his car and starts shooting after him. One of Nats bullets hits and kills the driver of a passing car. He goes over and hugs his wife and son, while the sound of sirens wail in the distance.

Nats is charged with second-degree murder and is in jail, and the rest of the Costoletos cannot do anything without incriminating themselves in everything that happened. When Val walks into her home with her son, she calls Detective Bullock distraught saying that Nats didn’t mean it, ending the call asking if it was because of her that he was arrested.

What did you think of this week’s episode? With only five episodes left what will happen? Leave your comments down below!

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