’Supernatural’ Season 14, Episode 2 Recap: “Gods and Monsters”

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Supernatural is back with an all new episode, “Gods and Monsters,” directed by the very talented Richard Speight, Jr.! Episode 2 brought some shocking twists to Season 14!

Pictured (L-R): Behind the scenes with Jensen Ackles as Dean/Michael and director Richard Speight, Jr. Photo credit: Robert Falconer/The CW

The episode starts with a dark and creepy set, perfect for the Halloween season. Chains are hanging from the ceiling, a head from a broken statue lies on the ground, and a piano sits abandoned covered in spiderwebs. Then the scenes cut to three people chained up, while another man is leaning over a chalice with blood dripping from his neck.

Michael, still using Dean as his vessel, walks in with a swagger and closes the man’s wound. He picks up the chalice and adds archangel grace to the mix. “A little of this, a little of that.” He mixes it up and makes the man drink it, but it doesn’t work as the man lights up and dies, just like a smiting. “Hmm. Too much that,” Michael says nonchalantly.

The man is added to a pile of corpses, in what clearly is beginning to look like failed experiments. That’s when we get the impressive blade flip as Michael asks, “Alright. Who’s next?”

Bobby, Mary, Sam, and Castiel talk in the next scene as they pack their weapons. They’ve tracked down Michael to Duluth. Castiel explains why he has to stay behind. For one, Michael would sense Castiel’s angel presence. He also needs to stay behind and “babysit” Jack and Nick. Not in the sense that they are infants, but that they do need supervision. Jack steps in and agrees with Castiel, that it’s hard to see Nick. He also promises to improve when Mary asks him to sit this one out.

In the next scene, Nick is shown having flashbacks of his time as Lucifer. He has visions of Lucifer killing people, like the moment he killed Gabriel. Castiel comes in to bring him a tray of food now that Nick is once again human, although Castiel has trouble looking at Nick. They talk about why Nick would even let Lucifer possess him, and it’s during that talk that he remembers what happened to his family.

Sam, Bobby, and Mary go to visit the morgue in Duluth, where the corpses from Michael’s failed experiments wound up. This is where Bobby brushes up on his acronyms. “If they were DOA, do you have an ETA on TOD? Any sample DFA?” Sam coughs and Bobby corrects, “DNA.” His “FBI skills” are a “little rusty.”

When the medical examiner leaves the room, they get to work checking the bodies. That’s when Sam finds out that they were vampires. And Mary asks the question on everyone’s mind, “Why is an archangel hunting vampires is in the first place?”

When Sam asks the medical examiner if anyone came to claim the bodies, she tells them a young woman came because she thought she may have known one of the victims. She said the young woman told her she didn’t recognize the bodies after all and disappeared after only giving a first name. It’s a lead though, so Sam asks if they have surveillance cameras outside.

Back at the Bunker, Castiel talks to Jack in the library. Jack is trying to research how long it will take for his angel grace to return. It’s clear he is struggling with not being powerful enough to help his family and friends. Castiel tells him to focus on what he still has instead of mourning what he’s lost. He explains to Jack that he knows what he is going through. When the angels fell from Heaven, Castiel had lost his own grace and wings, and all he had was Sam and Dean. But more than that, he found he had himself “without all the bells and whistles.” Castiel even explains how Sam and Dean also weren’t born with the expertise they now possess, their skills were learned with trial and error.

The episode then returns to Michael once again, fixing the bow tie on his tuxedo while looking in a mirror. Dean appears in the reflection, reminiscent of Lucifer and Sam’s conversation is Season 5 when Sam was possessed by Lucifer. Dean angrily pleads for Michael to, “Get out!” Michael refuses and punches the mirror, cracking it, and telling Dean calmly and confidently, “I own you. So hang on, and enjoy the ride.”

Sam fills in Castiel on the case with a phone call before Nick comes in with a laptop. He’s frustrated that there’s no mention of his family since their death. The case was never even solved. When Castiel tries to calm him, Nick snaps his fingers like Lucifer would have. Castiel steps back with his hands up and questions what went through his head in that moment. Castiel thinks that even though Lucifer is gone, his influence is still with Nick. But Nick isn’t listening, he just wants to find out what happened to his family.

While that’s happening, Sam, Bobby, and Mary track down Lydia, the woman who had gone to the morgue. She knows they’re hunters. She explains that her nest fed on animal blood and led quiet lives until “he came.” She didn’t know his name, but it’s clear she was talking about Michael. When a few of the others tried to attack him, she got away. She promises to tell them where Michael is if they let her go.

Meanwhile, Michael walks into his suite with a woman, Melanie. He pours them glasses of wine. She tells him that he’s probably wondering what she was doing in that bar that night, to which he assures her he knows exactly what she was doing. Her fangs come out, but Michael grabs her by the neck while his eyes glow bright blue. “You think you picked me? I picked you.” Michael throws her against the wall and asks her to summon her master.

Nick paces as he talks on the phone to the police lieutenant in Pike Creek, Delaware, begging for information on what happened to his family. It’s a cold case. There’s no DNA, no fingerprints, but there is a witness. Castiel mentions to Nick that he’s occupying someone Jimmy Novak. Nick’s not having it. He calls it stealing and when he finds out Jimmy’s dead, he says Castiel is no different from Lucifer. Castiel tells Nick that what happened to Jimmy Novak and his family is his greatest regret.

Michael speaks with the leader of the werewolf pack. His plan comes to light. He says there’s a purity in the leader’s kind and in the way they kill. It’s not for trophies or sport, it’s a way to live. Michael says it’s time they had their due. He wants to wage a war on the humans. Michael asks him, “Why be the hunted, when you can be the hunter?”

In an emotional scene, Jack visits Kelly Kline’s parents as “a friend of Kelly’s.”  He gets to visit his grandparents and hears stories of his mom, even sees pictures from her youth. His grandmother points out that Jack kind of looks like Kelly. Jack tells her he hopes one day to have a little of her courage and purpose.

Michael shows up at Lydia’s place while she’s packing to go on the run. He explains it’s all a trap. He dumped the bodies in plain sight and he let her escape. And now that she is no longer needed as bait, he smites her.

When Jack gets back the bunker, Cas questions why he would take that risk to visit his grandparents when everyone’s been out to get him since the day he was born. Jack explains he never got to know Kelly, and just wanted to meet the only real family he had left. Castiel softens his demeanor because what Jack did, he did out of kindness. “I suppose there are worse ways to be human than to be kind,” Castiel says.

Jack asks if he’s heard from Sam and if they’ve found Michael. He goes on to ask if they’re going to kill Michael. Castiel assures him they are just going to subdue him and get Michael to leave Dean. When Jack asks what will happen if Michael doesn’t leave, Castiel tells Jack then they’ll try to drive him out. Jack tells Castiel that Michael needs to be stopped. “Dean doesn’t matter. If he can’t be saved, if it comes down to him or Michael, Michael has to be stopped. Do you think he’d want it any other way?”

Nick visits the witness the lieutenant mentioned. He had changed his story because there was no man. Nick continues to question the witness and gets angry. He asks who got to him, who paid him off, before losing his temper and slamming him into the wall with his hand around his throat. Nick wants justice for his family.

Sam, Mary, and Bobby enter the place Michael had the vampires. Their flashlights are the only light and they see the dried blood on the ground. That’s when the werewolves crash into the room and start attacking them. The hunters’ weapons aren’t working, through. Silver isn’t working on these angel-made creatures. These brand new werewolves are clearly Michael’s success in his experiments. They find beheading works though, and the hunters finally take the werewolves down.

Then the doors open, showing Michael’s silhouette. He walks in with his arm outstretched as the hunters brace for a fight. But Michael instead steadies himself against a post. He takes his hat off saying, “Sammy. It’s me.” It’s not Michael, but Dean instead. Dean explains it’s really him and that he’s not okay. He tells them that Michael just left and he has no idea why. It seems like everybody is hopeful but understandably cautious over this abrupt change.

The episode ends with Nick. He’s got blood splattered all over him, and he’s holding a bloody hammer in his hand. The witness is lying on the floor dead. It seems like Castiel was right, and that Lucifer did do quite the number on Nick’s psyche.

This episode left viewers wondering what will happen next now that Michael has seemingly voluntarily left Dean. Michael must have some sort of plan, after all. It can’t be that easy. And what will become of Nick now that he has murdered someone?

Stay tuned next week for a brand new episode of Supernatural, Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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