Lessons I’ve Learned From Disney

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Disney has always inspired me because it’s all about magic, imagination, creativity and the impossible becoming possible. It all started with an idea from founder Walt Disney. He gave us all of our favorite characters including the lovable mouse that started it all, but he also planted the seed of dreams in each person who visited the parks or watched the movies. Over the years, I’ve learned so many valuable lessons from this franchise and they have helped me grow.

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Family and Friends can help, if you ask. 

It can be very difficult to go through life alone without the help of a support system. Whether it be parents, best friends or an animal sidekick, they are there to help guide us and help us feel that we don’t have to tackle anything alone. For example, Toy Story. They all worked together to ensure that Buzz and Woody reunited with the other toys. Our friends can become our family because they would do anything to help us get through life.


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Never give up! 

I have always admired the tenacity and determination shown by many characters. Moana, Mulan, Rapunzel, Ariel, Tiana… and the list goes on. By watching these characters struggle but still have their dreams come true, it has pushed me to never have someone tell me I can’t do something and to make my own happy ending. Tiana constantly had people tell her that she wouldn’t be able to open her own restaurant but with her hard work, her dream became a reality. This is so inspiring to children because they see these success stories and they aspire to dream too.


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Have Faith, Trust and Pixie dust. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason. The sad, the happy, and everything in between. Many times in life we lose our faith because of some terrible tragedy or a string of bad luck. Another thing I admire about Disney characters is that although they might lose their faith in themselves or others, they find it again by opening their eyes and holding on so tightly to their dream. Having faith that everything will eventually be okay has always helped me get through a hard time. We need to spread that idea of having faith in yourself and believing in the miracles is truly magical! 

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Anyone can be a hero. 

Although many of the heroes and heroines we see in these movies are royal or have magic abilities, they are still people just like us. A hero is kind, compassionate, determined, strong, fierce and they show the world that it’s okay to struggle. In my own life, I try and be all of these things because I want to inspire others, especially children that you can change the world. You just can’t be afraid to try. 

We see heroes everyday so be the hero you wish to see in the world. You never know who you could inspire. 

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