Fandom Photographer Spotlight: Megan of ‘Stardust and Melancholy’


Courtesy of Megan – Stardust and Melancholy Photography

We’re back with another fandom photographer spotlight! This spotlight is on Megan of Stardust and Melancholy! Read below to see her answers, as well as some of her amazing photos!

Nerds and Beyond: How long have you been doing photography and how did you get started? 
Megan: I really started doing photography a bit in high school, but then I didn’t go forward with it at university, which I really regret. It wasn’t until I started going to conventions that I started photography again, and it all went from there.


Nerds and Beyond: What originally inspired you to start doing fandom (cons, concerts, etc.) photography?
Megan: I think I just wanted a record of being there to begin with, then I found it became this challenge for me to try to capture it in a unique way. It’s actually a lot more complicated than I think people believe, especially to really put your stamp on it.


Nerds and Beyond: What fandoms are you most known for photographing?
Megan: Supernatural. I’ve done some multi-cons here in Australia and I would love to photograph some of the big ones in the US like San Diego Comic Con, but I haven’t done that yet.


Nerds and Beyond: What equipment are you usually using?
Megan: I use a Canon 5D Mk III and for cons I usually use my 70-300mm lens. For portraits I’ll use a prime lens like an 85mm, or a 24-70mm. If I want to try new lenses and equipment I try to rent them, because photography is expensive!


Nerds and Beyond: Which events are typically your favorite to photograph?
Megan: The Louden Swain Saturday Night Special is a lot of fun to photograph; it’s very raw and emotional. I used to love shooting Karaoke too, because it was so frenetic and gave you a chance to try weirder framing. I love anything that looks like it can’t possibly be contained in a frame – lots of people on photo critic Facebook groups etc will talk about rule of thirds, and weighted composition etc. And those things are good to know, of course they are! Photography does have rules but it can be a lot of fun to break them. Portraits are a huge challenge for me that I’m trying to improve on. I love doing them so much, I just wish I was better at it!


Nerds and Beyond: What would you say right now, is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?
Megan: I’m a terrible critic of myself, so I honestly don’t know. There are some that I’m proud of and know I worked hard to get, and then there are some that seem quite throwaway and you come back to them later and think, oh, why did I ignore this? It’s really difficult though, because I often have a very set image in my head especially with portraits, and I never feel like I measure up to it when I physically do it.


Nerds and Beyond: If given the opportunity are there any celebrities that you’d like to work with? 
Megan: I’d like to photograph everyone I’ve photographed again. And Chris Pine.


Nerds and Beyond: Are there any other photographers who personally inspire you or whose work inspires you? 
Megan: There’s so many. Chris Schmelke is a big influence on me not just his work but his whole ethos around being generous and open with other photographers. That’s a huge deal. Celebrity photographers like Maarten de Boer, Victoria Will, Nino Muñoz. Wildlife photographers like Marina Cano and Randal Ford. Political photographers like Pete Souza.


Nerds and Beyond: Do you have any advice, tips, tricks or words of wisdom for other photographers/aspiring photographers?
Megan: It can be so, so easy to feel like you’re not getting anywhere. You have peaks and troughs with photography like any other art form. And it can feel really bad, but as long as you still love it even when you hate it you definitely shouldn’t give up. No one else sees the world or the people and creatures in it the same way that you do. That’s your superpower.


Nerds and Beyond: Do you have an online store or website where we can see more of your work?
I have a twitter @MelancholyPhoto
And I have an Instagram @stardustandmelancholy
Those are the places you’ll see me the most!


See some of Megan’s incredible photos below!

Matt Cohen and Richard Speight, Jr. – Courtesy of Stardust and Melancholy
Rob Benedict – Courtesy of Stardust and Melancholy
Matt Cohen – Courtesy of Stardust and Melancholy
Jensen Ackles – Courtesy of Stardust and Melancholy
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