Thursday, December 8, 2022

Gil McKinney Finishes New Christmas Album

MUSICGIL MCKINNEYGil McKinney Finishes New Christmas Album

Gil McKinney announced that he has finished recording his upcoming Christmas album! Gil started a Kickstarter to make a Christmas album, and ended up with 223 backers who raised over $22,000!


The album is being produced by Jason Manns, who produced Gil’s debut album, as well as Briana Buckmaster’s. Emily Swallow will also be providing vocals on the album.

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Those who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign will be getting perks such as a digital download of the album, a signed CD, signed Christmas card, a Christmas ornament, a session with Gil on Skype and others.

The album is getting ready for an estimated November release date, so that fans can enjoy Gil’s album this holiday season. In our interview with Jason Manns recently, he told us that they were still deciding on a tracklist, recording multiple holiday songs and then narrowing it down of which ones they liked best.

Congrats to Gil on finishing the album! We can’t wait to hear it!

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