‘Be My Neighbor’ Podcast Episode featuring Danneel Ackles Available Now

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During a trip to New York, Danneel Ackles (One Tree Hill, Supernatural) was a guest on the fifth episode of the Be My Neighbor podcast. The hosts are Brittney Levine, an On-Air Style & Trend Expert at BHL Productions, and Bevin Prince, an actress, who like Ackles, was on One Tree Hill. She is also a Soul Cycle instructor.

The Be My Neighbor Instagram account shared its love for Ackles with the posts below.

During the 35 minute episode titled “Danneel Ackles: A Sisterhood is Coming,” they began with a few rapid questions, then dove right in with bringing up self-confidence and dealing with doubt including a mantra that Ackles shares with her daughter, JJ. They also went into topics about relationships, dealing with the distance, motherhood, womanhood, Family Business Beer Company, staying organized, important points on a political issue and using your voice. It was an empowering, open and honest discussion among family.

Be My Neighbor describes its podcast on their website as:

“Sometimes we know when the mood is “not right” across the hall and when one of us is down. Sometimes we hear each other fighting with our SO’s.  But something was different from neighbors that ignored what went on between those inches of space, in that we were always there for each other. We decided it was only right to turn our weekly conversations about life’s struggles and happiness into our podcast, aptly titled, “Be My Neighbor.”

Give it a listen – we would love to hear from you about your neighbor stories, life struggles, relationships, fitness regime, etc.  Little or big, nothing is taken for granted here in our safe space.”

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, or the Be My Neighbor website.

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