Louden Swain Performs at ‘Once Upon a Canyon Night’

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Courtesy of Liz Larson
Courtesy of Liz Larson

For the second year in a row, Louden Swain played to a large crowd at the Coldwater Canyon Park for Tree People’s Once Upon a Canyon Night. Rob Benedict and Billy Moran opted for acoustic guitars, a great choice in light of their upcoming acoustic album, Splitting the Seams (set for release in October). Stephen Norton favored a small drum set and shakers, while Michael Borja played both the bass and keyboard.

The energy in the crowd was palpable. The heat of the day could not dampen the excitement of Swain’s loyal fans, both new and long-time. Some lined up as early as 8am, with most in the crowd arriving in the early afternoon. Seeing friends gather from all over the country and sometimes other countries, to spend time together eating, drinking, singing, and catching up is one of the most extraordinary things about Swain concerts.

Courtesy of Liz Larson

The setting for the show itself was a small amphitheater, surrounded by the natural beauty of the trees. There were a small number of seats directly in front of the stage. Behind, were a set of bleachers where the vast majority of the crowd sat. The sound was perfect; the lighting blended well with the natural light.

As Louden Swain took the stage, the applause was thunderous. The first few songs were Swain staples, then Rob announced they would be playing some new, acoustic arrangements off of the upcoming album, plus one new song!

Courtesy of Liz Larson

The set list is as follows. An asterisk denotes a new, acoustic arrangement was performed.

Trigger Finger

Present Time

Something to Say

Roll Me Over

Hey Darlin’



CA Nation*

Too Far Away (new song!)

Rock Song*


All I Need*

Downtown Letdown

This is How

Big One*

Mamma’s Jam*

Poptart Heart



Courtesy of Liz Larson

Louden Swain never ceases to amaze with their talent, creativity, ingenuity, and complete love of their fans. It is easy to see why so many of us call them our favorite band and why we keep coming back to them time and time again.

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