Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The Wayward Shop is Here!

CHARITIESThe Wayward Shop is Here!

No longer are the days of waiting between campaigns to get your hands on that sweet, sweet Wayward merch. Starting today, The Wayward Shop is open, and it is here to stay.

Featured on Stands, The Wayward Shop has new items, such as the brand new t-shirt for Briana Buckmaster’s new album, Begin, as well as overstock of older items such as Buckmaster’s “Persist” poster and the “Wayward AF” ornaments, or Blue Balls.

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Some items will sell out quickly, but the hope is that most are here to stay for whenever you are itching for a new Wayward sticker or tank. Some proceeds will continue to go to New Leash on Life, an organization the Wayward campaigns have partnered with in the past. New Leash bring “unadoptable” shelter dogs to prisons and allows inmates to train and care for them, thus allowing rehabilitation and love for all.

The shop is live at here! – check it out!

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