Saturday, January 28, 2023

Misha Collins Promotes GISH – Join the Hunt Now!

CHARITIESMisha Collins Promotes GISH - Join the Hunt Now!

Misha Collins, founder of the international scavenger hunt formerly known as GISHWHES, posted a video Friday morning discussing the upcoming hunt.

“Lately I’ve been noticing that I’ve been having a harder time than usual talking about the Hunt, the upcoming annual scavenger hunt that I run, formerly known as GISHWHES, now known as GISH,” Collins said in the video.

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Collins has been very politically vocal on his social media accounts, and he addresses in the video “that with the current state of the world with so much scary hateful divisive rhetoric circulating, that it’s hard to talk about the game that [he puts] on and feel like it should be what [he] should be talking about.”

“Then it occurred to me that this thing that we do, this GISH, is really a force for good in the world,” Collins said.

Through GISH, which underwent a revamp this year with the addition of the free GISH app and a brand-new name and logo, participants have rescued Syrian refugee families, funded a dance school in South Africa, provided a home for a veteran who lost his legs, saved endangered species in the Nepalese rainforest, funded a children’s center in Haiti, and helped countless others in their local communities and around the world.

“So what we’re doing is important and it’s fun,” Collins said. “It’s bringing a little light and a little joy into our lives this summer, but it’s also spreading good and doing good in a way that I think is important.”

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Watch Collins’ full message below:


The hunt begins on July 28 and runs through August 4. You can register on the website or in the GISH app, and you can invite up to 14 people to join your team, or join an already existing team. If you don’t have a team by the time the hunt begins, you’ll be matched with others to play.

Can’t afford to play? You can apply for a Gisholarship, which are randomly and anonymously dispersed at the end of registration. If you wish to donate to the Gisholarship fund, you may do so here.

The winning team earns a trip to New Zealand with Collins. Past trips have included castles in Croatia, Viking adventures in Vancouver, volcanoes in Hawaii, and treks in Iceland. Also in past years, some of the wackier and more creative entries have been collected into a coffee table book, available for purchase in the annual Shwag Shwop. Other prizes and awards are laid out here.

Sign up today for one of the most life-changing experiences you will ever have.

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