Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Steve Carlson & Jensen Ackles at Austin Caravan in August!

You might have seen earlier this week that Steve Carlson announced he and Jensen Ackles will be performing live via StageIt stream, but it turns out you can see the performance in person, too!

Steve and Jensen will be appearing at the 5th Annual Austin Caravan which takes place from August 3-5.

On the Rock and Roll Caravan’s website, they explain the event in more detail:

Our team’s mission is to host exciting, all-inclusive, VIP weekend events for fans to spend one on one time with their favorite musicians and other celebrities. Although each event varies, you can expect the rock star treatment, with events filled with luxury accommodation, private dinners, exclusive concerts, royal transportation, professional photography, and many more surprises to be revealed with each one.

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Because this is such a fancy VIP event, the prices reflect that accordingly. The only available packages for this event are:

You can purchase your package here.

Seeing Jensen perform live is a rare treat that normally only happens at Supernatural conventions, and that’s usually only a song or two. The StageIt performance is scheduled for a half hour, so it seems safe to assume you’ll get more than that in this case, plus all of the perks listed above at the Austin Caravan.

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Our eyes are green with envy over anybody who gets to go to this exclusive event!

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