Steve Carlson & Jensen Ackles Announce Stageit Performance!

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Photo from Steve Carlson’s Instagram

Steve Carlson, friend and long-time collaborator of Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles, has announced a Stageit performance!

Yesterday, fans of Jensen Ackles were on the edge of their seats when Steve posted this teaser on his Instagram:

While many of us hoped it meant new music was coming, we didn’t know the meaning behind it for sure until today! Now, Steve announced a live Stageit performance with Jensen at the Family Business Beer Company on August 4th. According the description on the Stageit event, the performance will be held in a private area and will not be open to the public.

You can get tickets for the show here for as little as ten cents!

As usual with Stageit performances, there are perks for those who are able to tip the artists. In this case, the top tipper will receive a personalized music video recording and message from Steve, and every tipper of over 100 notes will receive a digital photograph of both Steve and Jensen taken at the end of the show!

The performance will take place on Saturday, August 4, 2018, at 12 PM PDT. Get your tickets soon because there are only 500 available!

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