‘Supernatural’ Nominated for Two Leo Awards

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Season 13 has been one of Supernatural’s best, and the fans aren’t the only ones who have noticed! The Leo Awards Nominees are selected by peer adjudication, and Supernatural came away with two nominations for 2018.

Rob Hayter was nominated for Best Stunt Coordination (Dramatic Series) for his work in the first episode of Season 13, “Lost and Found.” I’m sure most of you remember the scene in the jail where Sam, Dean, and Jack get into a fight with angels coming to try to take Jack. The sheriff’s son gets stabbed and Sam gets his butt kicked in a jail cell by one angel while Dean takes on the angel Miriam. The fight with Dean and Miriam was intense. It included some crazy fast hand-to-hand combat, Dean trying and failing to use a coat rack and a fire extinguisher as weapons, and only ends once Sam uses a sigil to banish most of the angels. It was definitely one of the best fight scenes we’ve seen in Supernatural, and it was a great way to start off Season 13! Rob’s nomination for the stunt coordination in this scene is well deserved. Congratulations, Rob!

The second nomination is for Seth Isaac Johnson for Best Guest Performance by a Male (Dramatic Series) in the episode “Advanced Thanatology”. Seth played Shawn Raider, which was one of the boys who started the episode off by going into the haunted house where the demented doctor was keeping the ghosts of his victims. Seth survived, though he took the mask home with him which eventually overpowered him and ended up luring him back to the scene of the crime where the ghost doctor kills him. Dean later communicates with the ghost of Shawn who tells him he’s trapped in ghost form because his body is hidden in the house. A lot happened in “Advanced Thanatology,” but Seth’s performance as Shawn really did stand out, and he definitely earned his nomination here!

The Leo Award will be given out for Seth’s category on Saturday, June 2, 2018, and Rob’s will be given out the following day on June 3, 2018.

The entire Supernatural family will be keeping our fingers crossed for both Rob and Seth as June approaches!

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