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All of us at Nerds and Beyond are huge fans of Supernatural, so it’s no surprise that there has been a lot of speculation between our writers about what the end of Season 13 might bring. We sat down with some of our staff to put their predictions for the final three episodes down on paper, and now we are here to share it with you.

SPOILER ALERT! Please be advised that if you are not already caught up to the last episode (Unfinished Business) that there are spoilers included here. The questions and answers also include spoilers about upcoming episodes that have been released by the show runners and actors, so if you don’t want any spoilers about the last three episodes… stop reading here!

NERDS AND BEYOND: Right now we know Bobby, Mary, Jack, Charlie and Ketch are currently stuck in the Alternate Universe. Who do you think is going to make it out and who do you think is going to stay behind?

Emily: Unfortunately, I have to separate who I want to come back from the AU from who I actually think we will see come back. If I were the one writing Supernatural, Charlie, Jack, Mary, and potentially Bobby would come back. More realistically, I don’t think most of that will come true.

After spending a season trying to get them back, I think the boys will reunite with Jack and Mary in our reality. I think Ketch could go either way – he could come back and we could have him for another season, or he could complete his redemption arc and get stuck and/or die saving the Winchesters and their family. I don’t see Bobby coming back through the rift because there really is no story to tell with him outside of the AU.

Finally, there’s Charlie. Charlie is tricky because after what happened the last time, the writers are definitely going to be very cautious with any story line they give her. Because of this, what I think will most likely happen is that we will see her kick ass for one more episode and she will be part of the team that saves the day in the finale, but she will remain in the AU so the writers can say, “Well, she’s alive!” without having to actually risk screwing up her story again. That being said, I will continue to hold out hope that my nerdy lesbian queen will be back in our universe by the season’s end.

Deb: I think that the characters that are from the AU will stay there. If the battle is won, they will want to stay and rebuild; help those that have survived. If the battle is ongoing, then they would never leave while their people are fighting and dying. Charlie and Bobby will stay. I have a feeling that Ketch will stay as well since he doesn’t have anything to go back to. I believe that his character is redeemable and he needs a purpose, so staying and helping the people of the AU might give him what he is searching for.

In my opinion, Jack is the answer to the angels’ problem. They need more angels, they need to power heaven, and Jack has that power. He will either do this directly or give Cas the ability to do it. If he returns, I don’t think he will stay permanently. The feeling in my gut is that he will return to the AU.

Now, this might be an unpopular opinion, but I think that Mary will decide to stay. As much as I’ve enjoyed her being back in the boy’s lives, it’s really not practical to keep her there. She doesn’t fit, she feels out of place, and while she loves the boys and they love her, she needs more. Like Ketch, she needs a purpose. I think this will be difficult for Sam and Dean but it will be the right decision for her.

Nicole: I think that Jack is the only definite. But I think that some of the angels are going to come to Earth from AU world to help replenish heaven. And Jack is going to be able to open the rift so they can visit each other.

Tricia: If Ketch stays alive, I definitely think he’ll choose to stay behind in the AU because he has nothing for him back in our world. I think Charlie and Bobby will stay behind as well because they won’t want to leave behind their world in the state it’s in. In my head Jack is definitely coming back, though.

Becky:  I’m pretty sure Bobby, Jack, Mary and Charlie are all going to stay there, or be trapped there. Ketch is going to end up sacrificing himself before the end of the season.

NERDS AND BEYOND: It’s not a Supernatural finale without a death or two. What are your predictions for who isn’t going to make it through Season 13 alive?

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Emily: I don’t think any of the main boys will die this season. However, based on the announcement that Jensen will be playing a new character, I think Dean will not exactly be around when season 14 begins. The one death I am praying to Chuck for is Lucifer’s. Since season 11, the writers have reopened his successfully completed story line and not only it has it not been interesting, it has been completely dragged out. I don’t even care who does it, I am just hoping we start season 14 with a new, eviler, scarier, badder villain. Other than him, the only real death possibility I see is Ketch – and after Eileen, I’d be down to see that, too.

Deb: To me, they should think outside the box and not kill off anyone. What a shock, it’s the finale of Supernatural and, “Surprise, everybody lived!” I mean, they do have the AU they can use; keep them alive over there if nothing else. If someone has to die, I’m sure Ketch is on the list. I’m adding Mary to that list and possibly Jack as well.

Nicole: I think Mary might die. Also possibly Luci.

Tricia: I am both hoping and guessing that we’re going to see the actual end of Lucifer this season, as well as the AU Michael. I am sad to say that I think there’s a good chance Jack isn’t going to make it out alive, either. I think he has too much power to be allies with Team Free Will without making their lives too easy for TV. I would be devastated but not at all surprised if Mary doesn’t make it through the season finale as well. She’s another ally the boys have, and we all know how the show doesn’t like to let our boys keep nice things.

Becky: I think Ketch is a goner for sure. Although they just brought her back, it’s possible that Naomi could be next to go. Story line wise, it doesn’t make sense to have Lucifer on for another season, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be. I hope he dies – that would be very nice – and I hope Sam and Rowena are the ones to kill him.

NERDS AND BEYOND: At the Montreal convention in April, Jared and Jensen had this conversation that had the crowd on the edge of their seats:

Jared – There are some scenes that I read that I have literally been waiting for years to read the words I read, and gave me chills.

[Jared whispers something to Jensen]

Jensen – Oh yeah, that’s a good one. That’s years, years in the making. Y’all are going to hate it. Or are you?

Any thoughts on what those scenes might be?

Image courtesy of Bex aka @a_dumbledork on Twitter

Emily:  Honestly, I don’t think anything I guess here will be close to what Jared was talking about. If I had to come up with a theory, I think it will be a conversation between the two brothers about something very heated and/or very emotional. Perhaps it will be about the Michael/Lucifer plot lines that were supposed to play out eight years ago that seem on the brink of playing out now.

Deb: I’m not sure and this really intrigues me. I am hoping that Sam will finally get to slay some of the personal demons that he has kept locked away for so long. The fact that I can still get this excited about a show that is going into its 14th season is incredible! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Nicole: No clue.

Tricia: I have two theories. I’m hoping this has to do with Sam and Lucifer and about how Sam being possessed and tortured has been affecting him for all these years. He has talked about it more this season than he has in the past, but it wasn’t a conversation between him and Dean like I think we need to see. I think Jared would get really pumped about Sam finally getting a chance to talk about that on the show.

On the flip side, I would also be really pleased if the whole demon blood = powers thing for Sam was revisited. Ever since Ruby told him “he didn’t need the feather to fly,” I’ve wondered if he really had the power all along and just didn’t know how to tap into it without the blood. It would be cool if they touched on that again.

Becky: I think it’s actually going to be about the brother’s bond. There’s a lot of things that Dean and Sam haven’t said to each other with actual words. Dean’s recent string of brushes with death might lead Sam to tell him he’s worth more than just a sacrificial lamb to save his family (and if it’s Sam saying it, he might actually believe him.) More than anything, I hope it’s something leading towards a healthy end to hunting. I don’t think they’re going to be out of the life for a while yet, but a recognition that they both want something outside of that life is something I’d love to see them start to work towards.

NERDS AND BEYOND: We’ve gotten a whole slew of characters back this season, some in the AU and some in our universe. Do you think that’s it for Season 13, or are you expecting any other returning characters in the last three episodes?

Emily: Well, the person I most wanted to see come back in the AU was Charlie, so at this point I’m perfectly happy. In my ideal Supernatural world, I would love to see Eileen, Ellen, and Jo again, but I don’t see that happening in the next three episodes. Realistically, if they were to shove one more reveal into this season, I think it could be Chuck, given the Lucifer, Gabriel, and Michael plot lines.

And, of course, Matt Cohen wouldn’t be bad either 😉

Deb: I would love to see Jo, Ellen, Pamela or Rufus, but I think we may have gotten back all of the characters that we are going to get. Also, it would be amazing to see Sebastian Roche back as Balthazar.

Nicole: I think there might still be one more to come back.

Tricia: I think there’s a good chance we might still get some returning characters. I think God coming back would make sense, especially considering the heaven/angel problem that was brought up. I’m still hoping for Matt Cohen to come back, too, but I have no idea how that would fit into the current story line. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part to get him back on the show again.

Becky: Who’s even alive to show up?! We did see a tease of Garth at the end of last season when British Men of Letters were targeting American hunters. I’d love to see him helping out the guys. Of course ideally I’d love to see any of the Wayward women show up, but that feels pretty far fetched at this point.

NERDS AND BEYOND: Finally, Jensen told EW in a recent interview, “The biggest stretch [for me playing another character] was Demon Dean, but it was still Dean, it was just the demon version of himself, which I always love because it makes my job easier — I can just play the character I know. That is all going to change soon. Something big’s coming.” Who do you think he’s going to play and why?

Emily: The obvious prediction would be Michael. That comes from the set pictures that leaked of Jensen in a very non-Dean costume, the fact that the boys are in desperate need of archangel grace, and that there is a Michael/Dean possession story line that has been on hold since season five. But… that just seems all too obvious. For how much the show is hyping it ahead of time, it is going to be someone that no one sees coming. This is one reveal I am going to try to let remain a mystery, at least in my head.

Oh, and my final prediction? WAYWARD SISTERS GETS PICKED UP!

Deb: This is another, “I don’t have a clue” area for me. A friend of mine suggested that it could be Cain and made some very good arguments for that. It would be amazing to see Jensen in that role but I’m wondering if it’s too close to the Demon Dean story line. Some people have suggested that it will be Michael but I don’t see Dean saying yes to that after all this time. Again, I’m excited to see who it is. I’m ecstatic to see Jensen get the opportunity to stretch himself and I know he will kill it in whatever role he plays.

Nicole: I think he’s going to be playing Death. He and the original Death had a bond with each other. Dean has played Death for a day but I feel like something is going to happen, he’s going to be on the brink of death and he agrees to take on Death’s mantle to save himself in a way.

Tricia: I think I’m the only person who doesn’t think he’s going to be playing Michael. The old fashioned clothes is what really has me confused. Death dressed kind of similar to that, but we already know Death is created by the last reaper that died – so in order for Dean to become Death, he’d have to first become a reaper, and we have no idea how reapers are even made (as far as I know!). All I know is that as far as we’ve seen, there is literally nothing that Jensen can’t do, so I’m excited for it regardless of who he’s going to play!

Becky: I mean the obvious answer here is Michael. Releasing him from the cage could kill two birds with one angel, essentially – Michael vs AU Michael, and while he’s at it, he can take out Lucifer.

But there are so many other juicy theories I love. Since I’ve already seen what Jensen was wearing filming the finale, I can probably rule out my favorite possibility, which was Meg Masters. (Come on, how fun would that be? No overarching point, really, but it would be fun as hell!) I also dig the thought of him being possessed by Alistair, because there’s potential there for a story line like that to help Supernatural find its final arc in coming full circle. Either way, I’m so frigging excited to get to see Jensen take on a non-Dean role. He’s gonna nail it!

In conclusion, it looks like there are a few plot points we all agree on – Lucifer getting the shaft, Mary either not surviving or not coming back from the AU, needing Matt Cohen back in Supernatural, and Jensen killing any possible role he gets to play on Supernatural – but there’s still too much up in the air for even the biggest fans to do anything more than guess. After 13 seasons, this show still keeps us all on the edge of our seats, and that’s definitely one of the reasons we are such big fans!

What do you think is coming in the final three episodes in Season 13? Feel free to sound off in the comments – we’d love to hear your theories!

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