The Flash – “Lose Yourself” Recap – Season 4, Episode 18

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Interesting and tragic new developments today! So, let’s get to it.

Ralph and Barry are of course working together again as they head to the impound to check the bus the metas were on for clues. They find residual dark matter that makes it seem like Edwin Gauss was there one moment and then just gone. There is also discussion about whether or not they should kill Devoe, but Barry says it’s against superhero code. There’s always another way.

Back at the lab, Harry shows off his new tool, the Sonic Scepter, aka mega tuning fork. It recreates Izzy Bowin’s powers. Since those powers have been the only thing known to hurt Devoe, this is a big win. It also has the bonus of being tech-free, so Killg%re’s powers cannot be used against it.

Kaitlyn did some research and found out that her highest concentration of dark matter is in her adrenal glands, which explains why Killer Frost comes out when she’s stressed. The stress hormone is the trigger. Using this info, she learns that an epi-pen should be enough to pull out Killer Frost so she won’t have to be terrified by her team members to turn.

An alert comes through about a pocket dimension opening, so Barry, Ralph, Cisco, and Killer Frost head out there to stop Devoe. As it turns out, it’s Edwin Gauss just putting a letter in the mail. When they try to talk to him, he trips back into his pocket dimension.

Harry uses his Thinking Cap to science his way to figuring out what pocket dimension activity belongs to Edwin so Ralph, Barry, and Kaitlyn head to a hippie camp which was one of the spots shown as his. The hippies know Edwin as The Folding Man because he’s “everywhere and nowhere…but mostly he’s around here.”

There’s more talk about killing Devoe, but it’s put on hold when they catch up to Edwin and explain that they are there to help. While doing so, Kaitlyn gets stabbed from behind by a Samaroid. Barry dismantles the droid, catches Kaitlyn and runs her to S.T.A.R Labs where she heals weirdly fast and turns out perfectly fine.

Ralph gets annoyed with Barry and Iris’s refusal to even consider killing Devoe, so he goes to the pipeline to hang out with their new guest. Edwin starts describing all the places that he’s been when he’s folded and ends up describing Devoe and his lab. Edwin says he can get him them back there.

Harry loses his Thinking Cap and blames Cisco, destroying his Star Trek model and slamming him against a dry erase board. Joe was the one who had it. He took it to show Harry that he has an addition and asks him to take a long, hard look at what the Cap is doing to him and how it’s affecting those he loves.

Ralph decides Edwin will open a pocket dimension into Devoe’s lair so he can kill him. However, Barry intervenes. To keep Barry from taking the scepter, Ralph puts it in himself and then stupidly tries to hit Barry. This, of course, ends with Ralph getting knocked the hell out.

After another heart-to-heart between Ralph and Barry (they’re really driving home their connection, huh?), the team makes a plan to take on Devoe. Edwin opens a pocket dimension and Cisco, Barry, and Kaitlyn walk right into his lab. As always, Devoe is ten steps ahead and goes to S.T.A.R Labs at the exact moment Team Flash ends up in his lair.

Fights ensue with Joe taking on a new Samaroid and Iris battling Marlize. Harry gets taken out by his own Thinkin Cap when he ups the dark matter input to maximum capacity. Guess his new brain power didn’t predict that. Ralph meets Devoe at the entrance to the pipeline, but is sent running through the pipeline for his life with the skeleton of a T-Rex after him. He’s able to defeat the dinosaur with an enlarged fist, but he’s too late. By the time he gets back, Devoe has already put on his Edwin Gauss suit, making him Devoe 5.0. He uses his psychic abilities to attack Ralph, but Ralph has the tuning fork inside him again and is able to knock Devoe to his ass and prepares to kill him.

In the bad-ass babe fight, Iris and Marlize are pretty equally matched, but as always the bad guy girl gets the upper hand and prepares to stab Iris. However, Iris surprises Marlize by pulling the sword into herself and slamming Marlize’s head into the desk. It gives her enough time to use the chair to open the pocket dimension sending Marlize back and bringing Cisco, Barry and Kaitlyn back from Devoe’s lair. With Marlize gone and Joe having destroyed the Samaroid, it leaves only Devoe to deal with.

Barry finds Ralph and Devoe and thankfully, Devoe is in meta-dampener cuffs. Unfortunately, the cuffs are the wrong color (because that’s a thing now?), so Devoe gets loose and pins Barry to the floor using gravity from Null and then takes Ralph, the final bus meta, becoming Devoe 6.0. He thoroughly kicks the asses of Killer Frost/Kaitlyn, Barry, and Cisco and then returns to his base.

Kaitlyn has Harry and Cisco check her over because she feels weird. When she touched Devoe, he used the DNA altering power to remove the dark matter from her body. With the dark matter gone, Killer Frost is gone, too. 

Barry goes to Ralph’s office to pack his stuff. Iris goes to help, but Barry doesn’t want help for this. He needs time. In a touching moment, Barry promises the ghost of Ralph that he will keep the team, their family safe.

Marlize and Devoe 6.0 celebrate and using Ralph’s morphing ability, he transforms back to Devoe Original, though a younger, more handsome and put together version. He reveals that he stole dark matter from Harry’s secret room and it’s apparently a piece that will help destroy S.T.A.R Labs and bring about “The Enlightenment.”

As if Team Flash doesn’t have enough to deal with, next week has them transporting a nuclear meta. With Killer Frost gone, they recruit Snart to come over and keep the guy cool, if he can.


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