The Hunt Formerly Known as GISHWHES


Every year, Misha Collins and the GISHWHES team leads us participants on a merry chase in the months leading up to the hunt. For example, last year was a series of anagrams and ciphers that the first few people who solved it were invited to a tea party with Misha. Always mind bending, always fun, always insane.

Before the hunt began last year, Misha announced that it was going to be the final GISHWHES. The game that had began with a rhino puzzle hunt was finally coming to a close. Many participants were upset over this, but vowed to make it the best one yet. And then Misha had a change of heart.

He told us that GISHWHES wasn’t completely ending, but that there were going to be some changes as to how it was run. Then, during the wrap party after last years hunt, Misha promised that it wasn’t going away. That GISHWHES would be back next year in some form. However, after that, there was silence. Not a word was spoken about it, registration wasn’t open, and we were all wondering exactly what the overlord had planned for us.

Then in March, the official GISHWHES started sending out emails with puzzles in them and random tweets that were immediately deleted. Gishers all over the world perked up in the anticipation of what was to come. People worked with teammates and friends to try and unravel what Misha was saying. GISHWHES was changing during this time as well. Each day, another letter disappeared from the GISHWHES name on their official Twitter and Facebook, making us gnash our teeth even more. Next we saw Porpucanda disappear from the profile picture and the header picture. And it didn’t stop there. Next it was changed to a solid purple, like the color of late twilight or early sunrise, or maybe even an eclipse. Finally, the name was gone and the pictures were solid black.

People waited to see what was coming next; tweeting the official account asking for answers and receiving things like, “You have what you need” or “The day is coming”



Today we started to really get some answers. GISHWHES debuted its new profile and header picture, and also got a new name. The hunt formerly known as GISHWHES is now just GISH; The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt, the good hunt. Whether you played for the first time last year, have been playing since the Rhino puzzle, or are looking forward to playing for the first time this year; we wait for bated breath to see the completion of the GISH metamorphosis. Stay tuned…

Nicole just started with Nerds and Beyond this year. She's an avid fangirl of Supernatural and Marvel and loves being able to share her passion with the world through writing. Nicole spends her spare time volunteering with Random Acts, attending conventions and traveling. Her secret power is binge watching Netflix shows from her recliner and swimming in the Atlantic. You can find Nicole on Twitter at @historychick29

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