Season 3 Finale for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a Game Changer


Rebecca Bunch has been on an incredible journey over the past 3 years.  Can you believe that when this show began it was a quirky comedy about a “crazy” woman in love with an old fling? From that very first episode of Rebecca uprooting her entire life to move across the country to be closer to that man, to the most recent episode where she comes to terms with everything she’s done wrong, we have seen her develop and find herself.

We open the episode with Rebecca meeting with her support group to talk about how she is feeling. She mentions to her group that she is having dreams about Trent, as well as hallucinations about him. It is with their help that she realizes that she is feeling intense guilt over everything she has ever done to her friends, especially her most recent betrayal to Paula. To help ease her mind, she decides to come clean with the 3 people she has hurt the most over the last few years: Paula, Josh and Nathaniel.

Rebecca sets up a meeting in which she then gives the three a list of all the things she has ever done to betray or harm them. Though she has told these 3 people the things she has done in some way or another, Rebecca has never truly confessed everything. When Paula sees what all Rebecca has done, including her most recent betrayal, she leaves the meeting and tells Rebecca that she is done. Paula is tired of constantly trying to help and be there for Rebecca in the hopes that she will change, and she never does. While Paula is leaving with Rebecca chasing after her, we see Trent.  Rebecca, assuming it is yet another hallucination, begins to yell at Trent to go away and then hits him. Realizing that this is in fact, actually Trent, Rebecca begins to panic. Trent then vows to make Rebecca as miserable as she has made him.  It isn’t until later that Rebecca find out that in order for Trent to hurt Rebecca, he must go after Nathaniel.

Nathaniel, having moved on from Rebecca, is now intending to marry Mona. In this episode, Nathaniel and Mona are having an engagement party, to which Rebecca is not invited for obvious reasons. Trent, intentionally trying to hurt Rebecca through Nathaniel, shows up to Nathaniel’s party and sends Rebecca messages about it. Trent hints at him harming Nathaniel in an attempt to get Rebecca to show up at the party to save Nathaniel.

When Rebecca makes it to the party, she sees Trent standing over Nathaniel and holding a large knife, positioned in a way that would elude to Trent potentially attempting to stab Nathaniel. Rebecca, scared for Nathaniel, pushes Trent over the balcony edge.

Though this situation is serious, it doesn’t hit home how serious it is until the cops show up to arrest Rebecca for attempted murder.

The next scene is Rebecca in jail getting a visit from Nathaniel. He tells Rebecca that Trent survived the fall but broke every bone in his body. Nathaniel also tells Rebecca that the messages that Trent had sent to her disappeared, therefore leaving no evidence to back up Rebecca’s claim of trying to save Nathaniel. To the cops, it appears as if Rebecca showed up to crash an ex-boyfriend’s engagement party, then attacked another ex-boyfriend. He also confesses that he is there to help Rebecca because he is still in love with her and has left Mona. Rebecca finally admits to Nathaniel that she is still in love with him as well. They decide that in order to help Rebecca get out of this situation, she must please not guilty by reason of insanity.

Rebecca, at the trial, is prepared to plead not guilty by reason of insanity, until Paula walks in. It is in that moment that Rebecca knows that she must plead guilty and take responsibility for her actions, something she has never done before. We close out the episode, and the season, with Rebecca stating her plea to the judge.

What will this mean for season 4? How will we move the story along while Rebecca is in jail? How will Rebecca being in jail change the lives of the people around her? With so many questions still needing answers, we can only hope the writers have something big planned!

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