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When the tenth episode of the 13th season of Supernatural aired on January 18th, it was more than just another episode in another season of the longest running sci-fi show on television. “Wayward Sisters” was not just a mid-season premiere, but a backdoor pilot for a potential spinoff from the show. Here at Nerds and Beyond we have been avid supporters of the movement for quite some time, and rather than deciding on just one staff member to write the review, we all wanted a piece of the action. Not only that, but we also spoke with Supernatural actress Rachel Miner, and Wayward Daughters founders Betty and Riley and got some reviews from our readers as well. If you love “Wayward Sisters” and Supernatural as much as we do, stick around.

The “Wayward Sisters” backdoor pilot was amazing. The plot of the episode was for our group of ladies to come together to help save Sam and Dean. We’ve been introduced to all the characters previously, some with more back story than others, but never had them all together at once. The writing of this episode was excellent! We were able to learn more about newer characters through quick but meaningful moments. We were able to see the progression of previous characters. But most importantly, we were able to see our ladies come together to save the day.

Not only were these women strong, powerful and bold, but they were also kind, encouraging and helpful to each other. That is not a normal thing to see on screen. More often than not, female characters can only depend on other people, be unfriendly towards fellow female characters or solely exist only to further the plot of the male lead. It was quite a refreshing, and needed, change. I look forward to seeing where this will go in the future.

Rachel Miner:

I would just want to say basically a big thank you to the world for letting “Wayward Sisters” exist. I think it is amazing to see strong female representation. Not just that, but representation of diverse types of women who are not there for the benefit of men. Basically, as much love as I can have for something and as much gratitude that exists, I have for it. And I have unlimited hope for where it can go.

I approached this backdoor pilot for “Wayward Sisters” in much the same way I approached Supernatural for the first time. I knew a lot of people were excited about it, but I wanted to approach it with as much objectivity as I could get. I didn’t want to like it for what it could be, I wanted to like it for what it actually is. I was even prepared not to like it at all.

That’s why I’m so happy to say that “Wayward Sisters” hooked me right from the jump, and never let up. As a viewer in my *cough* late 40s *cough*, I empathize with Jody so damned much. How much she’s lost and how that’s changed her (and how it hasn’t.) How she can be both tough and tender in the same moment. Also, while everyone fawns over the younger ladies’ hairstyles, can I just say how much I love seeing Jody rocking the sprinkling of gray?

I just feel like everything in this episode came together so well: the true ensemble cast, the dialogue, the action, the cinematography (always something I appreciate) and the music! (Hello, Halestorm!) Everyone involved gave it their all, which is no less than what this terrific idea deserved. Now, let’s see that series get a greenlight!


The “Wayward Sisters” backdoor pilot episode of Supernatural was phenomenal. Most notably, the show capitalized on highlighting the best attributes of some already beloved characters while seamlessly weaving a narrative that was both compelling and genuine. The parallels to Supernatural‘s own pilot episode from 13 seasons ago provided a foundational nostalgia that worked for an audience of diehard fans while also proving to be independently enticing for a new audience.

At its core, Supernatural has always been about family. It has proved time and time again that the deepest of bonds can be formed with those who may not even be blood relatives. One of the shows most memorable lines is “family don’t end with blood.” Wayward Sisters embodies that spirit. Kim Rhodes’ (Jody Mills) performance was a highlight of the episode. She plays Jody so beautifully and it’s a pleasure to watch her in this role. Briana Buckmaster’s (Donna Hanscum) humor was perfectly delivered and Donna’s character was solidified as a true member of this chosen family. There is a lot of room there to continue to develop Donna’s role and relationship with all the “sisters” as well as with Jody.

One of the most beautiful scenes of the entire episode was between Claire and Kaia (played by Yadira Guevara-Prip). The scene showcased both characters as theyshared “scary stories,” exchanging how they both got different scars on their body.. It was easy to fall in love with their connection. It’s believable because of the companionship Claire and Kaia were able to so quickly and deeply develop. Some viewers are reading this as a romantic relationship, and I can absolutely see those roots forming. 

Ultimately, the episode left me wanting more. I loved the episode, and hope the CW is smart enough to order a full season to be developed.

This episode has been such a long time coming and it honestly exceeded any expectations I could have ever had.
The episode itself was such an emotional roller coaster, but in the best way possible. Seeing all these women finally together and kicking ass together was incredible. The writing was fantastic and the nods/parallels to the pilot episode of Supernatural were great. Seeing Donna again was wonderful – I’d missed her so much! I’m also really excited about the concept of the ladies all relocating to Sioux Falls. There’s so much potential and I’m so excited for more after just that one episode. There’s no question that this show needs to go to series and that when (not if!) there’s no question that I will tune in every single week.


There’s something magical about seeing something you’ve wanted for so long come to life before your eyes. It’s hard to write a review of this episode because how do you put a feeling deep in your heart into words? Well, I’ll do my best.

The opening montage was edited absolutely brilliantly. Halestorm’s “I am the Fire” was the perfect choice and completely represented the Wayward movement. Watching just the first two minutes, tears welled up in my eyes. It was just an incredibly emotional and empowering moment.

As for the episode itself, the plot was compelling and interesting, even if you are just a Supernatural fan. The writers and producers found a way to give fans what they wanted without the episode being 42 minutes of fan service. I love how with every character – whether we’ve known them for one episode or eight seasons,this episode gave them the time and the spotlight to expand and go deeper into who they are as individuals and as women and how they relate to each other.

As a backdoor pilot, “Wayward Sisters” had to both work as a Supernatural episode and set up an entire potential other series. I think the episode did just that. There was a total resolution, but it also left use with questions that a potential series could answer. I want more. Nay, I need more. With great social media numbers and ratings I can only cross my fingers that I will get to see more of these badass women in the fall.


“Wayward Sisters” really spoke to me and I’ve been waiting to see something like this on television for a long time. Often, females don’t get enough representation – no matter what field you’re in. Here at Nerds and Beyond we’re an all-female staff in what is usually an all-male world. Seeing the sort of breakthrough and support that “Wayward Sisters” has received, has given me hope.

Not only was this episode full of women, it was full of women who were diverse. Women who had stories, that weren’t just tied to how they looked. It showed me women who could be my friends, my family, my neighbors. Kim is a master at portraying Jody Mills, whom we’ve all come to love. All of the actresses had their own special moments throughout the episode – and Donna’s (Briana Buckmaster) one liners always have me laughing.

The show, the actors, and the crew all gave this the attention it deserved, and what fans desperately needed. I could go on and on about this episode, the actors, and the spinoff for days. It’s a show that we all desperately need. CW, if you’re listening – don’t pass this one up.

Betty and Riley, Founders of ‘Wayward Daughters’:

After seeing Wayward Sisters, we’re more excited than ever. It’s incredible to see our dream from years ago come to life, exactly how we imagined it. No—even better than we imagined it. We’d just like to thank everyone who lent their voice, energy, and passion to making sure this dream became a reality, and thanks so much to the cast and crew of Supernatural who believed enough in the idea to take a chance. Well done, everyone.

We also asked you, our readers, to share your reviews of the episode. Here are just a few – check us out on Twitter @nerdsandbeyond for more!

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