Every Promo you Need to See Before Watching “Wayward Sisters”


Supernatural is returning this Thursday, January 18th, after their mid-season finale and we can barely wait!

There’s a brand new clip – Here – which gives us a glimpse into the “Wayward Sisters” backdoor pilot. The Supernatural mid-season finale left off with the boys “dropped off” in an alternate universe on their way to rescue their mother. It had been hinted at in that episode, as well as others leading to it, that a new hunting team was forming with Jody Mills at the forefront. This group would be who would form the Wayward Sisters, giving way for a backdoor pilot!

From the previews, and this most recent clip, it appears that the group of female hunters will get together in order to save the Winchesters. The clip shows Claire returning home after having left to go off hunting on her own. She is greeted by Jody, Alex, and Patience upon arrival. Patience, who was introduced earlier this season, has been staying with Jody in Claire’s absence. It looks like these four will team up fairly quickly, leaving only two others to join. The Wayward Sisters’ are set to include Jody, Claire, Alex, Patience, Kaia, and Donna.

On Tuesday, the Supernatural team released two more promotional videos to get fans excited for the midseason premiere. The first was a two and a half minute video featuring interviews with all six main actresses, stars of Supernatural Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, and executive producers Robert Berens, Andrew Dabb, and Robert Singer. While still mostly keeping the episode under wraps, the video shared small clips from the backdoor pilot as well as more background information on the six main characters. Donna, who’s role in the “Wayward Sisters” episode has been kept mostly secret, had a lot of screen time including giving Patience a gun and sweetly, but menacingly, saying, “Hiya buddy…” before blasting a monster with her shotgun. It’s clear that the entire Supernatural team is behind the spinoff and these “Wonder Women” are ready for center stage.

Donna is also in the spotlight of the second promo clip. The scene appears to be Donna’s entrance into the episode. She pulls up in a truck with the license plate “D Train” and proceeds to hug both Alex and Claire, clearly in an aunt-like role for them. She then shows the entire “Wayward” squad her weapons collection and when Patience questions her ownership of an arsenal, replies, “I’m from Minnesota,” with a cheerful smile. Donna will also have her own episode after the backdoor pilot entitled “Breakdown” where we will perhaps see past the cutesy Minnesota smile.

“Wayward Sisters” premieres Thursday, January 18th at 8 p.m. on the CW and will be available the day after on the CW website and app. Don’t forget to tweet while watching live throughout the episode using #WaywardSisters and #Supernatural.

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