Dirk Gently: Trouble is Bad – Review

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This season started with all of our characters separated, working slowly to get back together. During every episode, we reconnect a small group of characters, eventually leading to the most of the group reunited. This occurs by episode 8, “Little Guy, Black Hair”. We’ve also picked up a few new characters that are now integral to our story throughout this season. This adds an extra element to the season, so it is more than solving a case.

The theme of this episode seemed to be people making sacrifices for the greater good. We see this first when Wygar Oak, Silas’ bodyguard, saves Dirk’s crew from Suzie Borton. This happens again when the Rowdy 3 go after Suzie’s soldiers in order to help Todd, Amanda, and Dirk get to the portal to rescue The Boy. Then this happens a final time when Todd endures immense pain in order to assist Amanda with opening the portal to Black Wing so that Dirk may get to the boy. All of these people made choices to help further the mission, help Dirk, and save Wendimoor.

Another underlining theme to this episode was working as a team.  This theme would seem obvious, considering that in order to solve any of the cases, everyone has to work together. Hence the tag line, ‘Everything is Connected’. We see Amanda help Todd through an attack of his pararibulitis. We see Bart helping Panto return to Wendimoor. We see Farah and Tina working together to defeat The Mage, even overcoming spells cast upon them.

We are also seeing more to our characters, adding depth to them. We see that Bart doesn’t want to hurt people anymore, but she is willing to do what it takes to help her friends. This is progress from last season, where she would kill anyone who crossed her path. We also see that Ken is growing into his role of power at Black Wing. A far cry from the scared, frantic technology master of last season. This new side of Ken also leads me to believe that he might soon be a villain, perhaps in season 3? We see Amanda taking charge and becoming a leader, something she would have been to unsure of previously. The character growth that has taken place in season 2, among all of the characters, really helps invest the audience into the show.

With the final episode of the season coming up, how will this case be resolved? Knowing The Boy is to save Wendimoor is only part of the story. How will The Boy save Wendimoor? What will saving Wendimoor actually entail? How will our heroes return from Wendimoor? Will all our characters reunite by the end of the finale?

I’m excited to see all these questions answered, plus what will lead into season 3!

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