Dirk Gently: “This Is Not Miami” Recap – Season 2, Episode 7

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If you’re not watching Dirk Gently, you are MISSING OUT!

The progression of the case continues.  Last episode left us with Arnold dead, the boy that Dirk had been searching for. Per the prophecy, Dirk must find the boy and return to Wendimoor to save it from the Mage. If Arnold truly was the boy, what will happen now that he is dead?

This episode opens on Dirk, feeling guilty about Arnold’s death and refusing to continue anything for the case. Dirk, being a holistic detective, will continue to further the case regardless of what actions he takes. Todd, frustrated with Dirk, leaves in search of Amanda.  He is quickly captured by Silas Dengdamor, Prince to one of the royal families of Wendimoor.

Amanda, out on her own adventure, is captured by Litzibitz Trost who is Princess to the other royal family of Wendimoor.  Amanda was also with a boy she found during her travels which is revealed to be Farson Dengdamor, Prince to the Dengdamor family.  Farson was rumored to have been captured and killed by the Trost family, sparking a war between the two families.

As true to this show’s concept of everything being connected, Amanda and Todd being captured ends up bringing them together. Litzibits and Silas, schedule to meet, bring Amanda and Todd with them, connecting this dot of the case. When a fight breaks out between the two families, Amanda and Todd escape and retreat to where Wakti was.

Wakti, who had been camped out in the woods, was attacked and killed by Suzie Boreton, apprentice to the Mage. The Mage, having given up on Wendimoor to take over Earth instead, sent Suzie back to Wendimoor to rule it. Suzie took out the only other magical creature she knew, Wakti, so that she may be the true ruler of Wendimoor.

Amanda and Todd make it back just in time to see the devastation that Suzie has left in her wake.

During all of this chaos on Wendimoor, Dirk has stayed in the initial spot that Todd and him had arrived at. While there, he discovers drawings on the wall that are similar to those back at the Cardenas’ house. The drawings at the Cardenas’ house were of Wendimoor. It is speculated that Arnold, the boy, made up Wendimoor and somehow it came to be.

It is during Dirk’s time in this landing spot, that he realizes that the Cardenas’ had two sons, one who was Arnold, the other unknown.  He realizes that the boy was able to dream up Wendimoor, and all that it entails, and bring it to life. He was only able to do this while he slept, but Wendimoor continued on.

We finish out the episode with Dirk triumphantly proclaiming that he had solved the case.

With only two episodes left of the season, we still have several dots to connect. Who is the second boy? Has he been in a coma this entire time, causing Wendimoor to live on? Why does Amanda have powers in Wendimoor due to her disease? Since Todd also has the same disease, will he have powers as well? Will Amanda and Todd team up to defeat Suzie, now ruler of Wendimoor? What happened to Hobbs? What will happen to Farah? How it all end?

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