Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr. Give Update on “Kings of Con”

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Just this past weekend Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr. were at Creation’s Supernatural convention, where during a panel with Matt Cohen, a fan asked about Kings of Con.

If you don’t know about Kings of Con, first, why don’t you? Second, it’s a show that was released on Comic-Con HQ, created, written and directed by the dynamic duo. The show was wildly popular, with each episode telling a tale loosely based off of the duo’s experience at conventions.

The show still remains one of our favorites, with it’s excellent writing, wit, and acting. Rob and Rich are so likable on the screen – and in real life – that you can’t help but fall in love with them. Unfortunately, Comic-Con HQ is no longer participating in any scripted shows, so the show needs to find a new home. Fans launched multiple campaigns, campaigning to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon to pick up the series, including the hashtag #RenewKoC.

Rob and Rich have hinted that either way a second season will be made, and they seemed to reiterate that this past weekend.

Rich stated, “Season 2, Robbie and I are in the process of working with Lionsgate’s digital division to find a new home for it. So, we’re excited about doing it, we’re ready to go and now we’re just taking meetings… literally just started last week taking the meetings to figure out where it’s going to land and when we have a home, that’s when we’ll start actually making the show. So we’re sort of in the intermediate process of figuring out where it’s going to be.”

Rob stated, “We know basically where the show is going to go and have a few episodes written and everything and like you said, just looking for the home. As soon as we find one, we’ll let you know.”

Matt also chimed in, stating “There WILL be more,” to which Rob and Rich agreed.

We hope to hear more soon about a home for Kings of Con!

You can see the video below, where Rob, Rich and Matt talk about it. Thanks to Jessi for sharing the video!

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