Interview: Robbie Thompson Talks Spider-Man/Deadpool and Comics [EXCLUSIVE]


During NYCC Nerds and Beyond had the opportunity to chat with Robbie Thompson about everything from comics to “Supernatural”, and diverse representation in media. It was quite an extensive conversation, so we are going to share it in installments. In honor of Robbie’s new comic “Sider-Man/Deadpool” #23 (out today!), we are going to share a bit of that interview today.

Nerds and Beyond: So we are just going to go over a few questions. You did an interview with us last year. So it’s semi a follow up to that.

Robbie: It’s our annual tradition.

Nerds and Beyond: It is our annual tradition. So, I wanted to start with a few questions about comics, since we are at a comic con. Specifically about Spider-Man Deadpool, and if you can share anything about that.

Robbie: Yes, I’m writing Spider-Man Deadpool. We’re going to be out, I think in November (It’s out TODAY 11/8). Semi bi-monthly, kind of, and I’m working with Chris Bachalo he’s one of my all-time favorite artists. He’s done like a bazillion comics, but he’s one of the few artists that when I was dead-ass broke in college, I would scrape together the three bucks to get his Generation X book because I just loved it so much it so much. So it’s kind of a dream to work with him. Tim Townsend is inking the book, and Chris is coloring it, and yea. I’m having, I guess I quote the song all the time, but I’m actually having “the time of my life.” It’s totally a dream job to get to work with Chris, but also to work with Nick Lowe and Jordan D. White who are the editors on the book. Nick and Jordan called me up and asked me if I wanted to pitch on it and I was thrilled, and when they told me what they book was going to be positioned as post Secret Empire which is the big event that Marvel went through, I was even more excited because it’s just a really cool take. You don’t have to read the flagship Deadpool book that Gerry is writing or the flagship Spider-Man book that Dan is writing, but we are taking a lot elements from those current runs. We’re kind of calling it Spider-Man versus Deadpool because Deadpool did a very bad thing during Secret Empire, he killed America’s sweetheart Agent Coulson, and he’s a wanted person now Spider-Man is kind of going back to basics after Secret Empire as well, so they’re both kind of in an interesting place in their lives and from Peter’s point of view, he’s trying to bring Deadpool to justice, and Deadpool doesn’t care what anybody thinks about him anymore, he’s like “I’m going to go back to being a merc with a mouth”, and he’s become an arms dealer in the wake of the absence of S.H.I.E.L.D. and so, it’s a lot of fist-a-cuffs, but Deadpool doesn’t care what anybody thinks except for Spider-Man because he just loves Spider-Man. So, it’s a lot of fist a cuffs, but they end up encountering, I don’t think I’m allowed to say yet, but a pretty big Spider-Man villain who’s kind of pulling the strings behind some stuff and is manipulating the two of them. I think that gets revealed at the end of our second issue. So yeah, it’s been a ton of fun to work on.

Nerds and Beyond: So my next question, a kind of simple one. Do you miss Cindy Moon?

Robbie: I do miss her. I miss Cindy Moon every day, I miss Cindy Moon every day. She’s my boo. Ellie Pyle who is here today, who was the original editor on the book, she cast the book originally, and brought me in because she’s a Supernatural fan, and knew my work from that. She would say “you and Cindy are kind of similar because you’re kind of new to the Marvel Universe,” she was locked away for a while. She was trying to get out, and you were trying to get in. So we were kind of on an emotional journey together. Also, I’ve struggled with anxiety for years, I’ve gotten an enormous amount of help in therapy. To have the opportunity to tell a story about people struggling with anxiety and getting help for it was extremely rewarding for me personally. So yeah, I miss her all the time. She’s still there, she’s somewhere kicking around the Marvel Universe. Hopefully someone will bring her back. We’ll see how she shakes out post Secret Empire. I’m hoping to see her in some books. I’m always looking out, anytime there’s an announcement for a new toy. I think there’s a Silk tsum tsum now, which I can’t wait to get. She’s like a little potato, but she’s my little potato. I can’t wait to buy that one, but yeah. I miss her every day.

Nerds and Beyond: I think there is a huge group of us who really love “Silk”

Robbie: The “Silk Squad” is a passionate squad, and they’re just the best people. Tana Ford and I just got to meet a bunch of people irl at C2E2 this past April. It was great, we all went out to lunch. There was 6 of 7 us. They were a group that just really stuck with the book. We had just published the last issue. I don’t want to say it was a going-away party. It was more like we graduated. It was such a great experience, and hopefully we’ll work together again down the road. It was cool, a good way to close the book out.


Stay tuned for our next installment of our Robbie Thompson interview series. We talk about all 18 episodes of “Supernatural” that Robbie penned. You can purchase Spider-Man/Deadpool at your local comic shop, or buy the digital copy here!

Paulina is an advisor for Nerds and Beyond. She was one of two original staff members who helped Briar build the site and make it what it is today.

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