Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Check Out the Latest Parody from Hillywood: Stranger Things!

MUSICCheck Out the Latest Parody from Hillywood: Stranger Things!

On Saturday, sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi ala The Hillywood Show released their most recent video parody for the hit Netflix show Stranger Things.

In just one day the video has already gained over 300,000 views.

A boy goes missing. On their search to find their missing friend, Mike, Dustin and Lucas discover a psychokinetic girl, named Eleven. Despite the fact that she’s a “Super Freak”, with super powers, the boys learn that, with her help, she can locate their missing friend. THE HILLYWOOD SHOW® leads you into another dimension and turns NETFLIX’s STRANGER THINGS upside down in an immersive, screen accurate production.

The video was filmed in some of the same locations as the show itself. The video features Hilly as Mike Wheeler, Hannah as Eleven, and included celebrity guests Richard Speight Jr as Dustin Henderson, Phil Lamaar as Lucas Sinclair, and Kim Rhodes as Joyce Byers.

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Watch the parody below!

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