Saturday, March 25, 2023

Pre-Order the Deluxe Version of Louden Swain’s Live Album ‘Saturday Night Special’ Now!

MUSICLOUDEN SWAINPre-Order the Deluxe Version of Louden Swain's Live Album 'Saturday Night Special'...

Louden Swain is releasing a live album, Saturday Night Special on August 25! Now, you can pre-order the deluxe version of the album on and!

The deluxe version includes an exclusive 10″x14″ poster and additional artwork. The album will feature popular Louden Swain songs, as well as covers by Jensen Ackles, Briana Buckmaster, Osric Chau, Matt Cohen, Ruth Connell, Gil McKinney, Kim Rhodes and Richard Speight, Jr. There will also be a solo performance from Rob Benedict, the lead singer of Louden Swain, of “Fare Thee Well” – a song he sang on Supernatural.

The pre-orders will ship on or around August 15 – which is well before the August 25 release date!

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Make sure to pre-order the deluxe version o, or!

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