Jewel Staite Launches ‘Unstoppable’ Campaign + Interview with Jewel!

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Jewel Staite, who you may know from Firefly, Stargate: Atlantis, Serenity, and much more has launched a campaign with, called “Unstoppable”! The campaign benefits the SickKids Foundation, which aims to fight for the health and well being of children through child health research, learning and care.

You can find out more about the foundation – here!

The design features a woman (or a man on the Unisex tees) drinking tea, with the phrase “after tea”. This is a nod to Jewel’s company, Tea Runners, which is a loose-leaf tea subscription box.

We got the chance to ask Jewel a few questions about the campaign! Read them below!

Nerds and Beyond: what inspired you to do this campaign?

Jewel Staite: Besides getting to help design and promote an awesome tshirt, the people at Stands are doing a really great job using social media to help a variety of charities and giving us as actors a platform to encourage our fans to give back. Being “unstoppable” is a positive concept of personal empowerment, and hopefully a universal one that people can aspire to.

Nerds and Beyond: Can you tell us a little more about Tea Runners and how it got started?

Tea Runners came about because we love tea, and my husband is well-versed in the subscription box world. We thought offering a monthly box of really high end, premium loose leaf teas of all different varietals would be a fun way to make tea “cool” and maybe educate people on the world of tea a little bit, too. It’s actually a fascinating practice full of tradition and history, and it’s been a lot of fun to learn about tea and bring that to people in a fun way. Plus, it’s a great side business for us that we can run while we’re on the road as a family, since being in the entertainment business often takes me away at a moment’s notice, and this way we can all travel together.

Nerds and Beyond: Your campaign benefits the Sick Kids Foundation. Can you tell us a little more about it and why you chose it?

I became a mom a year and a half ago, and besides my entire list of priorities being totally forever rearranged, I really grew to respect and admire fellow parents who were juggling every aspect of life and raising such great kids at the same time. I also couldn’t help but empathize with the parents of the children at the Sick Kids Foundation who were tirelessly devoting their energy to keep the spirits of their kids up when they were dealing with life-altering illnesses and dropping everything to be at their side. Sick Kids is such a wonderful organization and has helped so many families through really difficult experiences, and I thought shining a light on them and all that they do was important.

Check out the Unstoppable campaign on!

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